Mother Nature: The Original Huntress

By:  @larry-crehore, 7 months ago
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A lightning storm in a mountainous area of Telemark County in Norway killed 322 reindeer this weekend. The Norwegian Institute of natural science say there are known cases of reindeer being killed by lightning but never before in such large numbers.

A bit closer to home, a single bolt of lightning killed 19 cows after they gathered underneath a tree to take shelter from a storm. Around a third of the herd were felled during the violent storm on Tuesday in Hallsville, Texas. The owner of the cows, Ashley Anderson, said she had never seen anything like it a lifetime of farming.

These lightning strikes are occurring the world over and they are getting more frequent. Hundreds of people have been killed just in the last two years.

It doesn’t make one very comfortable being outside during a rain storm.

Maybe Mother Nature is trying to tell us something.




A. Macarthur
link 08/31/16 09:51:59PM @a-macarthur:

The weather-extreme deniers and the bought-off politicians who pander to their denial makes me wonder just how dumb "the dumbing of America" (and those elsewhere) actually has become.

Larry Crehore
link 08/31/16 10:07:30PM @larry-crehore:

I said it before keep an eye on the unusual weather we are starting to have . It isn't by chance these things are getting more frequent.

link 08/31/16 10:28:40PM @kavika:

''It isn't by chance these things are getting more frequent.''

I totally agree Larry.




Mark in Wyoming
link 08/31/16 10:34:16PM @mark-in-wyoming:

I find this interesting . but as a layman , novice whatever one wants ,  I know past weather can be somewhat determined by using core samples , but even those are educated guesses by a computer running multiple simulations  that they cant definitively narrow down to  very few limited possabilities , they tend to give a general spectrum idea , the weather had to be between these parameters to have happened .

 Now with that in mind , where I live once had a climate like the amazon does today , the ice sheets advanced and retreated how many times?

 So my real laymans question is , how do we know this is NOT , just part of some natural cycle stretched out over thousands if not millions of years? and the last time this hapopened , there just happened to be no one around to record it like is done today?

and another more sarcastic question is , what do people think they can do to stop mother nature?

link 09/01/16 12:02:20AM @dowser:

They can analyze the chemical composition of the ice cores to get general trends.  They were able to pinpoint the burning of Rome by the Huns, based on trace chemical analysis.  It's not all computer simulations.  

By analyzing the ice cores' chemical composition, they can get some pretty good indications of volcanic eruptions, (like Pompeii, etc.) and other known historical events, and then compare them to what they're seeing today.  It's not all guess work by computers, by any means.

As far as paleoclimates, of specific areas, they analyze pollen, geologic trends, depositional environments, etc.  The fossil record, as incomplete as it is, still yields many clues about what the climate used to be like.  The composition of the rocks deposited also give clues as to the environment that the rocks were deposited in.  The orientation of the minerals in the rocks, (like magnetic minerals), tells us where the poles were, millions of years ago.  They have switched, frequently.  And for a while, the US was on the equator...  All that comes into play.

Globally, we have a pretty good idea what things were like millions of years ago.  Whether or not people want to believe it-- it is true.  We have found cold-blooded dinosaur fossils in Antarctica, indicating that it was warmer there, in the past.  They have also found some warm-blooded species of dinosaur fossils in Antarctica.  There is a lot more to study and to understand, but we are beginning to get there.  They have come a long way since I was in school!

Larry Crehore
link 08/31/16 10:36:27PM @larry-crehore:

Simple answer Mark they can stop raping the earth.

Mark in Wyoming
link 08/31/16 10:44:31PM @mark-in-wyoming:

Larry ill play the D's advocate here .  if I am right and lets suppose I am just for arguments sake. the last time this might have happened , there were no humans doing the raping then , so what if , just if , mankinds actions don't have any affect on the cycle in progress?

Larry Crehore
link 08/31/16 10:51:18PM @larry-crehore:

The cycles have always been here Mark there is no argument there, the fact is they are speeding up as we strip the earth of all manner of things starting with plant life and going through air quality. Man is the single animal on the face of the earth that thinks it can better natures process.

Mark in Wyoming
link 08/31/16 11:07:03PM @mark-in-wyoming:

Larry, a couple months ago I was watching one of the science shows , and they had an episode on the sun. and they were explaining the sun spots , solar flares , and solar storms . why I think of that now is the lightning strikes mentioned here  the sun , like the earth is not stationary, it to revolves on its axis , , the sun like the earth also has a magnetic field that it generates as it revolves , it starts out looking like a peeled citrus fruit ,  but as it revolves those segmented lines that would be the lines on the orange get distorted , due to fluctuations of density elasticity , all sorts of things , imagine taking an orange in both hands , turn one hand one way the other the other , that's what those magnetic lines are doibng , scientis said in the episode that's when most of the sun spots and solar flares are most active when the magnetic fields are stretched and weakened , until its like you release the pressure of your hands and the orange goes back to the shape it was , the lines are back where they are strongest.

Why cant something like that be happening here on earth  just dragged out over longer periods . causing more lightning strikes or electrical discharges?that's what they say causes the solar flares  and eruptions , the magnetic electrical discharges of the suns magnetic field being disrtorted.

Petey Coober
link 08/31/16 10:38:08PM @petey-coober:

These lightning strikes are occurring the world over

Yes . They've always been world wide .


and they are getting more frequent.

Prove it .

Larry Crehore
link 08/31/16 10:48:09PM @larry-crehore:

All the proof you need Petey is already available to you all you have to do is open you mind and read.


Petey Coober
link 08/31/16 10:54:47PM @petey-coober:

I did read Larry . The following is an example of emotionalism :

they can stop raping the earth.


Larry Crehore
link 08/31/16 11:00:07PM @larry-crehore:

You have mistaken a statement that voices my Opinion for a statement of fact. I didn't offer it as Proof.

Petey Coober
link 08/31/16 11:06:06PM @petey-coober:

The emotional nature of your comment makes me question if you are even capable of understanding proof if it was provided to you ...

Buzz of the Orient
link 08/31/16 11:13:27PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

“The emotional nature of your comment makes me question if you are even capable of understanding proof if it was provided to you ...”

Petey, cool out. That's just the kind of euphemism that you were asking about in Perrie's meta article about insults.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 08/31/16 11:48:43PM @perrie-halpern:


Either proved your evidence or read the articles. I would also suggest that you read my meta article. 

Petey Coober
link 09/01/16 02:51:27AM @petey-coober:

I read the articles . The point is simply the lack of general numerical support . What they mentioned was only anecdotal evidence . In any case the seeder was undoubtedly emotional in his comments . He showed no evidence of being interested in general numerical discussion . To the contrary he seemed to want to just emote .

Larry Crehore
link 08/31/16 11:15:00PM @larry-crehore:

I see you haven't changed Petey.

A. Macarthur
link 09/01/16 09:07:31AM @a-macarthur:

Deniers and skeptics and purveyors of the dismissive comment can't have it both ways … since there were no human/scientific recordings when these "normal weather/climate extremes occurred previously," how is it we know, EXCEPT FOR THE WORK AND STUDY AND EXPERTISE OF SCIENCE, that these "normal" cyclic phenomena are known today?

Again, you can't have it both ways; if science can tell definitively what happened eons ago, it certainly can tell what happened since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the record warmth of the last ten or 15 years!

The natural climate cycles are due to the wobbling of the earth on its axis; this shifts the pole positions and the latitudinal relationship between points on the globe and the angle of the sun. Man's activities exacerbate what occurs naturally; I have never once heard a GCC skeptic who claims "it's happened in the past" cite the term "precession," and that because the partisan, zeal-without-knowledge skeptics merely repeat the political hype spewed by the legislative prostitutes and pimps for the energy companies who own them.

We also know for a fact that during those same eons long ago, there was no industry, no motor vehicles, technology nor human population to match what  emerged from the start of industrial revolution forward.



This is among the reasons I now periodically stay away for days or weeks at-a-time from the FP.

A reminder …

A dismissive statement is any statement which negates the value of an opposing argument without actually addressing any of its substance.

Although it is not actually a valid form of argument, it is frequently phrased in such a way that it might be mistaken for one; this usage is a form of rhetorical deception.

Argument by collective dismissal is an especially severe form of this, in which multiple points are dismissed as a group without any of them being addressed.


  • argument from irrelevance: "I don't see how that's relevant." when the original argument has specifically named one or more points of relevance

  • argument from unimportance: "There are more important things to worry about."

  • argument by contradiction: "No, you're wrong." "I don't accept that hypothesis."

  • argument from overabundance: "You have too many points, I can't address them all." -- so I'm not going to address any of them.

  • argument from subjectivity: "This is a matter regarding which there is no objective resolution, therefore any conclusions you might reach by objective reasoning from this statement are invalid, regardless of how much evidence you might present to support it."

Real-world Usage

  • "We don't find any persuasive, affirmative evidence that this is true.", when in fact evidence has been presented. 


Petey Coober
link 09/01/16 03:51:18PM @petey-coober:

Your tactics include preempting descriptions which apply to you . Zeal without knowledge is your main mode of operations ...

A. Macarthur
link 09/01/16 04:03:45PM @a-macarthur:

Your tactics include preempting descriptions which apply to you . Zeal without knowledge is your main mode of operations ...

Another, ad hominem, dismissive, no-substance comment.

When you have nothing to add but comments like that, why not remain silent.

I gave you a number of points you could have addressed … but you dismissed the entire comment as a "tactic" … and you do that almost every time you are in disagreement … but you rarely if ever give a substantive explanation regarding your disagreement.

I feel sorry for you.

Petey Coober
link 09/01/16 04:49:43PM @petey-coober:

I gave you a number of points you could have addressed

You "gave" multiple distractions like an octopus squirting ink ...

Another, ad hominem, dismissive, no-substance comment.

It is neither of those if accurate ...


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