Waitress Left IN SHOCK After She Sees Note “Cowboys” Left Her on Receipt

By:  @spikegary, 2 weeks ago
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Most of us take a few moments to decide whether to tip 15 or 20 percent when we receive the bill at a restaurant. But one group of customers at Busboys & Poets in Washington D.C. scrapped those usual numbers and, instead, aimed much, much higher.

Waitress Rosalynd Harris, who is black, found herself waiting on a table of white Texan men wearing cowboy hats. Just a few days earlier, Rosalynd had participated in the Women’s March; the men were in town for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Seeing as they were coming from very different perspectives during such a contentious political season, their interactions could have been uncomfortable, to say the least. However, everything turned out to be quite the opposite.

After the men left, Rosalynd was shocked to see the numbers on the receipt: a $450 tip for a “subtotal” of $72.60. Along with this amazing tip, came a note.

The handwritten note read: “We may come from different cultures and may disagree on certain issues, but if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people. Not race. Not gender. Just American. God Bless!”

“You automatically assume if someone supports Trump that they have ideas about you,” Rosalyn shared. “But (these men are) more embracing than even some of my more liberal friends, and there was a real authenticity in our exchange. This definitely reshaped my perspective. Republican, Democrat, liberal are all subcategories to what we are experiencing. It instills a lot of hope.”

Busboys and Poets is a socially progressive restaurant and artist’s lounge, designed to help “inspire social change and begin to transform our community and the world,” as written on their Facebook page. What their cowboy customers did for one of their waitresses is in keeping with this restaurant’s goal to foster harmony in our society.

“We all have the American spirit,” said Jason White, the man who left the tip, “And it’s really our duty to make America great ourselves—not one person. And that’s by respecting and loving one another, no matter how much we disagree with them.”

Rosalynd, a professional dancer, needs to move to a new apartment soon, and was worried about being able to afford the initial fees. She shared that the tip is “a huge weight off my shoulders.

The act of kindness has become an inspiration to many Americans, as well as a source of hope. When it seems like the world is too short on charity and generosity, we can find some comfort by remembering this story instead.


link 03/10/17 12:40:58PM @spikegary:

A very nice story.  I hope you enjoy and can see the good in this story.  Maybe this is something we can think about instead of telling each other how wrong they are?

link 03/11/17 07:33:57PM @cerenkov:

Sadly it didn't get much traction.

Buzz of the Orient
link 03/11/17 09:38:46PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Surely you don't expect the ultra-liberals on this site to acknowledge that conservatives, or those who support Trump, could possibly be good, kind, loyal Americans.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 03/12/17 01:48:56PM @perrie-halpern:

Buzz, when did you become so partisan? crying

link 03/12/17 01:55:06PM @cerenkov:

Since some members accused him and others of being Russian partisans. Repeatedly.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 03/12/17 01:59:57PM @perrie-halpern:

And vice versa on the name calling with Obama (I feel I have to give a Jonathan disclaimer, LOL), but Buzz is a Canadian living in China and I have known him for a very long time. He was always a moderate kind of fellow. 

link 03/12/17 02:12:09PM @dowser:

Yes, he has.  And Cerenkov, I just published an article a couple of weeks ago that said the republicans were kind, loving, normal people, and you gave me flack for it.  What do you want?  

I certainly acknowledge that we're all just people, and we all have our faults and strengths, AND we have to work together to fix our problems.

link 03/12/17 04:19:53PM @cerenkov:

The article you posted was condescending. That was the only flack I provided. 

link 03/12/17 09:22:13PM @dowser:

It was not my intention to be condescending, for sure.  I thought it was a good article, for it's point of view, because it acknowledged what I truly believe-- that most people are good and decent.  It did offer a different point of view.

link 03/13/17 10:54:02AM @deepwaterdon:

I feel the same way as you do, Perrie. Circumtances  change things, I guess

link 03/13/17 10:56:45AM @deepwaterdon:

C.... But I did not see any denials from B. and others. Just more contradiction and insults, rather than moderation and explanation. We are all not as smart as some of us think they are.

link 03/13/17 11:04:32AM @spikegary:

Okay, Stop It.  Go re-read the article if you need to and try to stick with it.  I've watched the comments and discussion on this article go the full range of moonbatism and it needs to stop.  This is about reaching across the imaginary aisle and taking the hand of someone that disagrees with you, it's not a forum for people's personal hates (this statement is meant for everyone) to be expounded on.  Let me let you know something.  We already know how you feel about ____________.  You don't need to endlessly repeat it, especially on an article that is searching out middle ground. (Sorry Don, this is just where this comment ended up).


link 03/13/17 11:15:46AM @deepwaterdon:

Spikegary.... You are 100% correct, I am 100% guilty of intolerance, and I apologize to you, those who may have been offended, and to the members of NT as a whole. It won't happen again!

link 03/13/17 11:30:54AM @pj:

Okay, let me reach across the aisle and try and  connect with the average trump supporter by thinking like one.

I think this white guy (clearly race was important since they needed to point out the recipient was a black girl) thinks by giving a black person a big tip it shows that trump supporters aren't racists.

Whew!  Now we all can move on because this guy over tipped a black girl and it wipes away all the other racist, misogynist, bigoted comments and actions by trump and his supporters.

link 03/13/17 11:36:26AM @spikegary:

I'm glad you are able to think in at least one dimension.  The story also pointed out the that the restaurant they were eating in was a bastion of liberalism, but they all found a way to get along-far more than I see here on Newstalkers by some members.

link 03/13/17 11:43:50AM @pj:

I've had lunch at this very restaurant several times.  It's very eclectic and artsy so you're probably right to say it's a liberal area and diverse.  

I'm not sure what the problem is here.  I thought we just agreed this one act has proven trump and his supporters aren't racists.  

Dean Moriarty
link 03/13/17 11:49:37AM @dean-moriarty:

I never thought they were. Just a bunch of liberal haters that were trying to smear him. 

link 03/12/17 03:18:15PM @xxjefferson51:

So it's partisan to acknowledge that many Trump voters could well be good loyal kind Americans?  Do you question when other moderates veer to the left in a partisan way? Is it possible to be a moderate with right leanings or is the definition of moderate to side with the left most of the time?  

link 03/12/17 11:36:54PM @sixpick:


Buzz of the Orient
link 03/12/17 08:09:33PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

"Buzz, when did you become so partisan?"

Well, I could say the devil made me do it, but I won't. I just published an article called "The Divided States of America", and I have to say that although it's relatively farcical, it does IMO describe the direction that the USA is heading. Over the years I have seen the two parties turn from being somewhat co-operative to now trying to cut each others' throats, in other words heading in extreme opposite directions. Certain members of NT seem to be trying to be at the forefront of those extremes, so it's hard to try to stay centrist but I do try. Because of the comments and articles that have been applying those extremes I will take shots at them, as I just have which is why you made your comment, and frankly I think the word "liberal" should represent NOT being extreme, so if I lean somewhat in the other direction as a counterbalance, so be it. However, how can you say I'm being partisan if in fact I'm very much like left-leaning Dershowitz in that I support gun control (my comments that everyone should be armed becasue of the creeping caliphate or the impending civil war are obviously exaggerated), Pro-choice, free speech, environmental controls, but I'll swing right wing, as does Dershowitz, when it comes to supporting and defending Israel, and concern about what is happening to Europe and even more concerned about the same infection seemingly starting in North America. 

I agree with what XX just wrote above my comment.

link 03/12/17 11:31:09PM @sixpick:

Buzz, when did you become so partisan?

I don't think his statement is partisan.  Haven't you read all the comments on here and watched the News?  Anyone who supports Trump is deplorable.  Hillary herself said that.  This site is full of comments how Trump supporters are greedy, selfish and any number of other things that make Trump supporters ignorant, backward according to many comments on here and the MSM.

I don't think it is partisan to acknowledge the truth.  I know, bad things have been said on both sides, but this article is evidently about some Trump supporters who prove not all Trump supporters fit into a box no more than all Hillary supporters fit into a box.

I don't think what Buzz said was partisan.

Now let me see if I can come up with one from another perspective.

Some Liberals stopped at a restaurant and a white guy with a Trump cap waited on them.  Well...... I better stop here.

link 03/12/17 01:16:28AM @randy:

A very nice story.  I hope you enjoy and can see the good in this story.

I agree. Very nice story. Refreshing for this site. Thanks for posting it.

link 03/11/17 09:20:37PM @xxjefferson51:

It ruins the impression of us that progressives want to portray.  This reality is interfering with their desired stereotypes of us

link 03/13/17 11:06:02AM @deepwaterdon:

Why does it have to always be 'them against us' on every issue, XX? How about merits, pro or con, on individual issues. Not blanket, vitriolic opposition against everything a progressive may support.

link 03/13/17 11:09:37AM @pepe:

To answer your profound question look no further than your comment history on your homepage their homeskillet.

link 03/11/17 10:22:28PM @gunny:

Great story and proof that not all conservatives are devil worhipers like the liberals want every one to think.

Hell even I will pay for a service man or woman's meal if they happen to be around.  I don't ask if they are liberal or conservative.


link 03/12/17 01:00:53AM @xxjefferson51:

Well said.  When I donate money or time to a charity I don't ask the beliefs political or religious of those I'm helping.  I do it because it's the right thing to do and wish I could do more.  

link 03/12/17 10:02:07AM @gunny:

I, like you and unlike the IRS do not associate political affiliation with the charity group or individual.

link 03/12/17 02:32:46PM @randy:

I do donate money to political groups, such as MoveOn. However when it comes to other donations we pick a cause to donate to that has struck home, such as The AIDS Foundation and The Alzheimer’s Association. Which pretty much taps us out as for what we can give on a fixed income.

link 03/12/17 11:01:42PM @gunny:

I don't donate to any political party or cause.  I always tell them that I vote for my government and not buy it.  Of course my taxes pay their salaries that I cannot help.

I give to St Labre Indian school. and the cancer society because I have had cancer.  and that my friends is the total sum of my donations.


link 03/13/17 09:05:19AM @spikegary:

Okay, I'll make the pitch.....The American Council of Snowmobile Associations is a 501 (C) 3 charitable organization whose primary focus is to ensure access to public lands is available to all Americans, not just to certain special interest groups......and we take donations....and we don't do politics at all......

(Disclaimer:  I'm a member of the organization's Executive Committee)

link 03/12/17 09:36:55PM @randy:

Hell even I will pay for a service man or woman's meal if they happen to be around.  I don't ask if they are liberal or conservative.

When I was managing a Holiday Inn in Oklahoma I picked up the check of two couples, one of whom where the husband was headed to Iraq with his National Guard Unit (right after the war started) and another for a couple where both of them had their National Guard Unit called up. The owner (I wish I could remember his name?) saw me do it and he said that from then on no one leaving for duty there who ate at his steak house paid for their meal. Word sort of got round and I'm sure he gave away more then a few dinners, but was happy to do it. I have no idea if they were liberal or conservative because I insisted that they not be told who paid. What I remember most is how young they looked.

link 03/13/17 01:59:08AM @ttga:

What I remember most is how young they looked.

They always look very young when they go over Randy.  I've seen a lot of the ones who came back and they don't look (or feel) young any more then. 

link 03/13/17 02:15:07AM @randy:

That's the truth. My late brother-in-law and great friend was young when he went to Vietnam. When he came back he was never young again. He had PTSD bad from the memories of all of the people he had killed. He was a gunner on a "Duster" which is basically a tank with an anti-aircraft gun mounted on it. He guarded road repair crews and when they came under fire it was his and the other Duster's job to use their anti-aircraft guns to mow down the fields and brush and trees wherever the firing was coming from ike a weed eater or brush hog. They slaughtered many Vietcong. Yes they were the enemy, but Rocky never really got over killing so many other people, even the enemy. He drank heavily, got divorced, couldn't hold a job, smoked a lot of pot and hash and generally fell apart. He was still my friend and still had many, many friends in town. Most people cared very much for him no matter how bad he got.

In 1993 he was shot to death by the Michigan State Police at 3am while he was standing next to the Lutheran church in Hopkins while holding his son's empty .410 shotgun. The police say he aimed it at them. Others there say he didn't. I don't know. I could believe it either way. Maybe he was just tired of living. They fired 32 rounds and hit him 19 times and he still survived to make it to the trauma center at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo. He won the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. He was the real deal, but he still died in Vietnam and didn't even know it.

link 03/13/17 09:08:25AM @spikegary:

I'm sorry for your loss and the loss of a fellow veteran, Randy.  It's sad that we fight wars and don't provide adequate care for those that come back broken.

link 03/12/17 11:34:17AM @dowser:

A Wonderful story, Spikegary!  I can see from some of the comments that some on here didn't "get" it...  

BAsically, we're all just humans.  We have to help each other to survive.  thumbs up

The Great Cornholio
link 03/12/17 12:17:06PM @the-great-cornholio:

No.  In order to survive we need a divorce.


link 03/12/17 02:47:56PM @xxjefferson51:

No, we don't.  We can modify to return to more local ( county and city ) and state control over daily lives so that no matter who runs our federal government or our state government, we can be happy in our daily lives where we are.  Still in one exceptional country.  

link 03/12/17 03:00:34PM @pj:

X - I don't know how to tell you this but......I want a divorce.  It's just not working out.  We've grown apart.  We no longer want the same things.  I really think this is the best decision and I just don't want to fight anymore.   We can still remain allies.     

link 03/12/17 03:23:32PM @xxjefferson51:
How do we break up?  If we do it should be based on composite county voting for President in 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016. Two GOP wins, two democrat wins. All blue counties in one country and all red ones in the other.
link 03/12/17 03:31:13PM @pj:

How do we break up?  If we do it should be based on county voting for President in 2016. All blue counties in one country and all red ones in the other. 

Just like a man.  Always trying to tip things in your favor and get out of paying alimony.  chuckle

The details of the break up can be worked out later when we divide the assets.  In all honesty, I have no idea how we divide the country.  The country may need to be divided in more than one half.  We might do better if we divide it into four parts.  We can have the most extreme elements living side by side with the moderates being bookends.  


link 03/12/17 04:03:21PM @xxjefferson51:

how is having the counties voting red or blue mostly in the last 4 elections being their own country making things in my favor?  Why would one side or the other owe the other alimony?  Perhaps the counties that voted  blue and red two times each and those with a 51-49 composite vote be a 3rd purple nation.  

link 03/12/17 05:03:15PM @pj:

X - I was kidding about the alimony.  I was likening it to a divorce between a man and woman not Republican Democrat.  It was meant as humor but I keep forgetting you don't like my humor.  We really need to work on your funny bone.  ((smh)).

I would suggest that each State hold individual votes in which they choose their State's fate.  No electorates.  Each vote holds it's own weight.  

Before we vote we'll have to decide what we voting for, e.g. splitting the country via party line or are we entertaining other options.  Do we want to include the Green and Libertarian Parties?


link 03/12/17 11:44:44PM @sixpick:

Nothing personal here PJ.  Talking about the country divorcing!!!!!

link 03/13/17 08:57:31AM @pj:

Sorry Six but you're not going to distract me for the crux of the issue.  Those who voted for Donald Trump told him and the rest of the world that they support him and think it's okay that he has committed sexual assault, cheated, lied and possibly colluded with a foreign country.  Donald Trump is now the face and representative of YOUR values and who YOU are as a person and an American.  Sadly he is my president too.  I will never stop hoping that he accomplishes everything he said he would.  I will never stop hoping that those who voted for him get exactly what his policies will produce.  But if I can divorce myself from those of you who would celebrate someone with no moral compass than that would be my choice.  We are not the same.  Maybe the country splitting is the best choice before we are forced into another civil war.


Hal A. Lujah
link 03/13/17 09:30:06AM @hal-a-lujah:

Divorce is a grave sin.  It says so in the Holy Babble.

The Great Cornholio
link 03/12/17 03:03:17PM @the-great-cornholio:

It's over! Fine' FUBAR!

Take you pick, socialist authoritairan state or revolution.



link 03/12/17 03:27:46PM @xxjefferson51:

None of the above.  

link 03/12/17 01:41:19PM @cerenkov:

Maybe you don't get it?

link 03/12/17 11:52:58PM @randy:

Maybe he don't?

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 03/12/17 01:53:08PM @perrie-halpern:

Wonderful story Gary. 

I am disheartened by some of the responses here. Very different from the message that the article was trying to portray. The bottom line to these Trump supporters was that we are one nation, no matter who we vote for. And obviously, this woman felt the same, or she wouldn't have shared it with the press. We are not as divided as some partisans would like you to believe. Both of these parties seem to get that message. Good for them!!

Hal A. Lujah
link 03/12/17 02:04:32PM @hal-a-lujah:

The cynic in me says that on the other hand, it was a small price to pay for national recognition.  I bet his dental practice enjoyed a nice boost.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 03/12/17 02:28:43PM @perrie-halpern:


Have to disagree. I've been to Austin, which is Texas' most liberal city, with my mom for heart surgery and it was "Super Tuesday", and the whole hospital waiting room was voting Republican, so I doubt it had any effect on his business. Also he had to bank on the idea that the story would end up in the press.

Sometimes people are just good.  

Hal A. Lujah
link 03/12/17 02:32:59PM @hal-a-lujah:

It was just a thought.  I've never had the kind of disposable income required to leave $500 tips, so my cynicism is perhaps misguided.  You have to admit though, it's gotta be bringing him some good cred.

link 03/12/17 08:23:49PM @randy:

What surprises and disheartens me is that some people would think that liberals and progressives would not also think this was a great story and be glad it was posted? I honestly don't have any idea why anyone would think that?

Buzz of the Orient
link 03/12/17 11:13:24PM @buzz-of-the-orient:

Persons who think that doing such a graceful thing is for the purpose of earning themselves good Karma are mistaken, because really good Karma goes to those who shy away from expecting any credit for their actions. It always bothered me to see the donor's name shown on facilities that they donated towards. Unfortunately many good facilities and charities would not exist if they did not cater to that kind of egotism.


link 03/12/17 11:19:44PM @randy:

I don't really believe in Karma. It's just that when I do something good I always try my best to do it anonymously, because my mom always said if you do something good and if someone finds out that you did it, then it doesn't count. She never said what it didn't count for. Just that it doesn't count. I still hear her in my head saying it. I wish I had thought to ask her what it didn't count for before she passed away a little over a year ago. It's funny how you think of the little things and questions like that when it's too late.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 03/12/17 11:53:00PM @perrie-halpern:

Also true Buzz!

link 03/13/17 09:12:03AM @spikegary:

Thanks Randy.  That was the point, but some are so busy sticking to their positions, they cannot (or will not) see anything else.  It's a sad and disheartening thing.

Perrie Halpern R.A.
link 03/12/17 11:51:31PM @perrie-halpern:

It's called paying it forward. I think it can make a person feel good. (can you tell that I am not a cynic?)

Buzz of the Orient
link 03/13/17 12:12:58AM @buzz-of-the-orient:

"Paying it Forward" was a good movie - wish it were more of a reality.

link 03/13/17 12:22:39AM @randy:

Too sad....I got choked up.....I hate it when I get choked up at a movie....or TV show....I feel manipulated somehow....

link 03/13/17 09:33:19AM @pepe:

Many of us contribute portions of our income to the welfare of others. This is why we don't need a government bureaucracy to piss away most of the money trying to do the same thing.

Hal A. Lujah
link 03/13/17 10:02:27AM @hal-a-lujah:

Lol.  False.

link 03/13/17 11:00:40AM @pepe:

What's false that you  contribute to the welfare of your fellow citizens or that government bureaucracy is inefficient?

Hal A. Lujah
link 03/13/17 11:27:24AM @hal-a-lujah:

The notion that the government could cut off social services, reduce taxes accordingly, and then private donations would flood in to rescue the poor.  It's a scenario so insidious that only a thick headed libertarian could dream it up.

link 03/13/17 09:42:55AM @ambivalent:

I truly believe that our sole purpose is to 'be there' for one another. In between events such as this we live our lives...


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