Kellyanne Conway Tells Story About Hillary’s Concession Call On Election Night

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Many of us will likely always remember where we were and what we were doing when we realized then-candidate Donald Trump had beaten Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, but one Trump staffer, in particular, has the memory etched in forever.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager and current White House counselor, was the one who answered the 2:30 a.m. concession phone call from the Clinton campaign.

At the National Review Institute’s recent Ideas Summit in Washington, Conway reminisced about the special moment and how it played out, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

The night before the election, Conway had spoken with Clinton’s team via email about when the concession call would happen if necessary.

Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, agreed the night before that within 15 minutes of the Associated Press calling the race, Clinton would “wait 15 minutes to give her victory speech.”

“So he was basically saying that you have 15 minutes for Mr. Trump to get out there [and give a concession speech] or she’s going to declare victory either way,” Conway explained.

“And then he said in the event that Mr. Trump wins, Secretary Clinton will call him within 15 minutes of the AP,” Conway said with a wink, implying that Clinton staffers were confident their boss would win.

But, when the time came and Clinton was declared and the loser, she actually held up her campaign’s end of the deal and called Conway’s phone.

“I look down — literally it was like a movie — my phone is ringing and it said ‘Huma Abedin’ [Clinton’s longtime aide]. And I said, ‘Hey, Huma. What’s up?'”

Abedin told Conway that Clinton “would like to speak to Mr. Trump” and asked if he was available.

“We’re very available!” Conway said she responded before handing the phone over to her boss, the newly elected president.

“I handed him the phone and he and Vice President Pence and their wives were there and the rest is history,” she said.

Conway remembered the moment as “remarkable.”

“I think it was a remarkable moment for anybody, any David fighting a Goliath, frankly,” she recalled.

For the millions of conservatives across the country who voted for Trump, it was certainly a remarkable moment, as well. And definitely one to remember.
link 03/19/17 10:24:33AM @big-brother:

HIstory will remember it as a magnifcent triumph over the great satan.


link 03/19/17 12:59:32PM @aeonpax:

It must have irked the Clinton team no end, to have to make that call, to such an inferior human. 

Dean Moriarty
link 03/19/17 01:54:52PM @dean-moriarty:

It went down like this. 

link 03/19/17 11:46:13PM @big-brother:

Yeah that's not how she felt when she was sucking his cock try to get close to his billions.

link 03/19/17 11:46:24PM @big-brother:

Yeah that's not how she felt when she was sucking his cock try to get close to his billions.

link 03/20/17 08:42:22AM @spikegary:

See, that's the problem, the Clinton Team, from the boss on down looked at pretty much everyone else as inferior.  And it bit them in the ass.

It was an epic fail on their part.

link 03/19/17 01:32:28PM @johnrussell:

Trump's presidency is such a disaster for humanity and such an embarrassment that he and his lackeys like Conway have to keep reaching back to the election , which was 133 days ago, to make themselves feel good about themselves. 

link 03/19/17 02:37:05PM @xxjefferson51:

We just want to remind you how unexpected this was and how your side snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. She just wanted to remind her detractors of their smug condescending arrogance going into Election Day and since then.  Election Day was the greatest take away event ever.  

link 03/19/17 11:50:21PM @big-brother:

 You got a love that disaster for humanity hyperbole what the fuck is that, give that boy some xanax.  Mean go to try to figure out how to stop laughing at that nonsense.

pat wilson
link 03/19/17 11:58:44PM @pat-wilson:

Ya, cause you're "The Hottest". 

link 03/20/17 01:49:47AM @xxjefferson51:

Trump's victory over the wicked witch of Anerica, Hillary Clinton was simply awesome.  Watching the reaction of the Hillary victory party attendees from about 11pm eastern on into the morning was priceless.  

link 03/20/17 01:56:20AM @randy:

Wicked witch? Bit of over the top hyperbole, don't you think? Or don't you think?

link 03/20/17 05:33:19AM @xxjefferson51:

No more so than the bs you have out of your pie hole about Trump.  

link 03/20/17 05:38:53AM @randy:

Anger? From you? You really are slipping. Be careful. Being the site's next BF is sneaking up on you. Drinking? Some pot?

BTW, why do you give all of your posts a thumbs up as soon as you post them? A bit insecure?

link 03/20/17 05:58:25AM @jwc2blue:

BTW, why do you give all of your posts a thumbs up as soon as you post them? 

He does it to remind himself that he wrote it.

link 03/20/17 06:04:07AM @randy:

Really? I wrote it off as pure ego.

link 03/20/17 08:49:58AM @kavika:

Living in a the magical kingdom of Jefferson does that to a person. They tend not to look at the crime rate in their magical city of Redding which exceeds the state and national averages. Nor do they look at the opioid problem in the magical kingdom.

It's called living a lie. 

link 03/20/17 09:55:30AM @pj:

Most people pray with their eyes closed so this shouldn't surprise any of us when Christians aren't able to see what's going on around them.

link 03/20/17 12:20:28PM @big-brother:

It's because I'm not always there to do it for him.


link 03/20/17 08:12:33PM @xxjefferson51:

All of our problems up here in Jefferson will melt away once we are no longer part of the scum sucking cesspool of a worthless place called California.  

link 03/20/17 08:27:14PM @kavika:

How can they melt away, XX. Are you going to deport your own citizens that voted to become part of the magical kingdom of Jefferson.

Wow, your not being very Christian with that scum sucking comment. Perhaps you need a exorcism, throw some snakes around and stomp the floor. That should help you rid yourself of the devil.

link 03/20/17 09:27:34PM @randy:

The devil lives in California and in the legislature, which is why we won't let you go, no matter how many meaningless votes you take. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Bow down to Southern California! Your Master!

link 03/21/17 01:21:16AM @xxjefferson51:

Hell will freeze over before we bow to any urban coastal Californians.  In the meantime, feel free to subsidize our region as long as we are occupied by our enemy state.  

link 03/21/17 01:40:39AM @kavika: 2x, 3x" alt="" data-reactid="57">

link 03/20/17 09:27:32AM @sixpick:

link 03/20/17 09:47:42AM @kavika:

link 03/20/17 12:17:05PM @big-brother:

I am the Great Cornholio.

Y U no bring no TP for my bunghole?


link 03/20/17 09:44:13AM @gunny:

I was shocked to see that Trump had won.  All the media had Hillary the witch winning by a landslide.  They all thought Trump would win maybe two states and the election was in the bag for the bag.  

I even opened a bottle of champagne.  And I don't drink but once a year, I made an exception for the election.

Trump may not be the best thing since sliced bread, but at least we won't be getting food poison from him.

link 03/21/17 02:01:37PM @xxjefferson51:

Well said.  Trump will never be Reagan but he was far better than the alternative


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