Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano over his Trump wiretap claim

By:  @kavika, one week ago
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link 03/20/17 10:17:17PM @kavika:

There could be an opening for the Judge at DOJ.

link 03/20/17 10:25:26PM @kavika:

There goes ''da judge''.

link 03/20/17 10:31:25PM @randy:

Trump's next SCOTUS nominee....

link 03/20/17 10:36:05PM @johnrussell:

Napolitano has been spouting conspiracy theories and other nonsense on Fox for years. All of the sudden Fox gets concerned about it? LOL. 

link 03/20/17 10:43:23PM @kavika:

The only difference this time is that the backlash has been very strong. Today's comments by the FBI Director must have been a real gut punch for Trump...

link 03/20/17 10:58:55PM @randy:

They really have been. I think he and the members of the committee were surprised at how blunt Comey and Rogers were. Yes they did refuse to answer some questions, but I was surprised at how forthcoming they were, especially about how long the investigation has been going on and their refusal to rule out any current members of the current administration as targets. They also said they were going after people for criminal charges, which sounds to me like they think they have some already.

I was not surprised to see the White House refuse to back down from Trumps blatant out and out lie about President Obama and wiretapping. That there is still an investigation going on, when there clearly is not. There is nothing to investigate and Trump is just hoping people will forget about it, but we can not let him. He must constantly have his lie thrown into his face until it drives him even more insane.

link 03/20/17 10:51:06PM @jwc2blue:

Too little, and far too late. Fox's credibility has been in the toilet for years.

link 03/20/17 11:27:58PM @kavika:

But but their fare and blanaced, jwc.

link 03/21/17 12:07:23AM @kavika:

They are also fair and

link 03/21/17 12:11:41AM @big-brother:

Yeah but come on who are going to believe anyway. Napolitano, Fox or the lying scumbags among British intelligence.


link 03/21/17 12:18:02AM @kavika:

Fox believed British intelligence and not Napolitano.

link 03/21/17 01:10:39AM @deepwaterdon:

Guys been on the fringe for years. Lips were surgically attached to Roger Ailes dick for years. Sorry Andy, Murdoch likes girls! Kiss off, no pun intended. See you on Peoples Court re-runs.

link 03/21/17 01:17:37AM @aeonpax:

After all is said and done, Trmp is still a lying sack of manure.

link 03/21/17 01:23:50AM @deepwaterdon:

Well said, Aeonpax!

Bob Nelson
link 03/21/17 08:20:00AM @bob-nelson:

Hey people!

Ya gotta cut Fox some slack. They're in a bind. They allowed Napolitano to say total nonsense on their shows... and then the President went and repeated that nonsense.

C'mon! Nobody believes Fox. How could Fox know that the President would do something as crazy as to repeat what a Fox analyst says? 

Oh, wait...


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