Mayor Of Texas City Resigns After Controversial Facebook Post Blaming Victims Of Energy Blackout For Their "Laziness"


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Mayor Of Texas City Resigns After Controversial Facebook Post Blaming Victims Of Energy Blackout For Their "Laziness"
“If you are sitting at home in the cold because you have no power and are sitting there waiting for someone to come rescue you because your lazy is direct result of your raising,” he wrote. Boyd said only the “strong will survive” the storm, the “weak will parish,” by which he apparently meant “perish.”



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Texas Mayor Announces Resignation After Unhinged Facebook Rant About Power Outages Goes Viral

Matt Novak
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Tim Boyd, the mayor of Colorado City, Texas, announced his resignation on Tuesday following a viral Facebook post where he whined about residents who wanted help during the extreme weather that has caused widespread   power outages   and dangerously   cold conditions   for millions of people throughout the state. Boyd accused some Texans who didn’t have power of being “lazy” and looking for “handouts” because of “socialism.”

Boyd’s post, which was riddled with spelling errors and homophones, included bizarre lines like, “no one owes you are [sic] your family anything; nor is it the local government’s responsibility to support you during trying times like this!” The post went viral on Tuesday as an example of the callousness many politicians have exhibited in Texas during this week’s terrifying weather.

Boyd even wrote, “The City and County, along with power providers or any other service owes you NOTHING!”—a strange claim when you consider that both governments and power companies do, in fact, owe citizens quite a lot. As many as 3 million people still don’t have electricity in Texas as of Wednesday morning, according to the   Associated Press .

“Only the strong will survive and the weak will parish [sic],” Boyd continued in his cold-hearted Facebook rant.

At least 23 people have died in incidents related to the apocalyptic weather, according to the   New York Times , including some elderly people who are believed to have died from the   lack of heat . Others have died from carbon monoxide poisoning while trying to get warm in dangerous ways, such as leaving their cars   running in the garage .

G/O Media may get a commission

The viral Facebook post, complete with spelling errors and strange grammar:

Let me hurt some feelings while I have a minute!! No one owes you are your family anything; nor is it the local government’s responsibility to support you during trying times like this! Sink or swim it’s your choice! The City and County, along with power providers or any other service owes you NOTHING! I’m sick and tired of people looking for a damn handout! If you don’t have electricity you step up and come up with a game plan to keep your family warm and safe. If you have no water you deal without and think outside of the box to survive and supply water to your family. If you are sitting at home in the cold because you have no power and are sitting there waiting for someone to come rescue you because your lazy is direct result of your raising! Only the strong will survive and the weak will perish. Folks God has given us the tools to support ourselves in times like this. This is sadly a product of a socialist government where they feed people to believe that the FEW will work and others will become dependent for handouts. Am I sorry that you have been dealing without electricity and water; yes! But I’ll be damned if I’m going to provide for anyone that is capable of doing it themselves! We have lost sight of those in need and those that take advantage of the system and meshed them in to one group!! Bottom line quit crying and looking for a handout! Get off your ass and take care of your own family! Bottom line-DONT A PART OF PROBLEM, BE A PART OF THE SOLUTION!!

Boyd eventually deleted his post and created a   second   even longer post where he wrote that some of the things he said were “taken out of context.” He also complained that his wife was being harassed and had lost her job for defending her husband’s statements. It’s not immediately clear where Boyd’s wife worked or how she actually lost her job.

The second Facebook post:

All, I have set back and watched all this escalating and have tried to keep my mouth shut! I won’t deny for one minute what I said in my post this morning. Believe me when I say that many of the things I said were taken out of context and some of which were said without putting much thought in to it. I would never want to hurt the elderly or anyone that is in true need of help to be left to fend for themselves. I was only making the statement that those folks that are too lazy to get up and fend for themselves but are capable should not be dealt a handout. I apologize for the wording and some of the phrases that were used! I had already turned in my resignation and had not signed up to run for mayor again on the deadline that was February 12th! I spoke some of this out of the anger that the city and county was catching for situations which were out of their control. Please understand if I had it to do over again I would have just kept my words to myself and if I did say them I would have used better wording and been more descriptive.

The anger and harassment you have caused my wife and family is so undeserved….my wife was laid off of her job based off the association people gave to her and the business she worked for. She’s a very good person and was only defending me! But her to have to get fired from her job over things I said out of context is so horrible. I admit, there are things that are said all the time that I don’t agree with; but I would never harass you or your family to the point that they would lose there livelihood such as a form of income.

I ask that you each understand I never meant to speak for the city of Colorado City or Mitchell county! I was speaking as a citizen as I am NOT THE MAYOR anymore. I apologize for the wording and ask that you please not harass myself or my family anymore!

Threatening our lives with comments and messages is a horrible thing to have to wonder about. I won’t share any of those messages from those names as I feel they know who they are and hope after they see this they will retract the hateful things they have said!

Thank you

Tim Boyd(citizen)

Boyd told the   Dallas Morning News   on Tuesday that he had already resigned before he published the first Facebook post, a claim that couldn’t be verified independently. Boyd’s claim obviously has the energy of a man who wants to say, “you can’t fire me, I quit.” But who knows?

Maybe he just really wanted to get out of his job by spreading as much ill will as possible on the internet before he left. Because if that was the goal, he got his wish.

Trout Giggles
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1.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  JohnRussell @1    one week ago

How do you take "something out of context" when the whole thing is right there in black and white????

I really do believe some people need to spend some time with dictionaries and other text books.

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2  author  JohnRussell    2 weeks ago

As I said on another seed, the storm that has hit Texas would be totally normal winter weather in much of the rest of the country. Texas is not immune to snow and cold, although it is rare. It is a failure of government to not have better prepared for this. Although people do have a responsibility to do what they need to do to survive, all the complaints the citizens are making about "government" in this crisis seem fair to me. 

PhD Principal
2.1  Texan1211  replied to  JohnRussell @2    2 weeks ago

First time in history that the entire state has been under storm warnings.

Not normal in the least.

I wonder how many more Texas customers would be without power if all Texas customers were on one of the other two grids, taxing them to the max?

Claiming it is normal winter weather in most of the country is plain false.

Equating a once-in-a-lifetime storm with events that occur every single year in other places is simply ludicrous.

California seems to have rolling blackouts every single year affecting millions of customers.

See any differences?

Professor Principal
2.1.1  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Texan1211 @2.1    2 weeks ago
Claiming it is normal winter weather in most of the country is plain false.

Here in Chicago , the last time the temperature reached 20 degrees or higher was 13 days ago. We had 18 inches of snow the day before yesterday, and have had 36 inches of snow fall in the past 2 1/2 weeks. 

4 inches of snow and a few days of cold weather like Texas is getting would seem like a vacation. 

I know it is unusual for Texas, but it's not impossible and their utilities were not ready. Why this jackass mayor is trying to blame the citizens is beyond me. 

PhD Principal
2.1.2  Texan1211  replied to  JohnRussell @2.1.1    2 weeks ago

Chicago is hardly "most of the rest of the country".

Chicago also has snowplows, Texas largely doesn't.

And Texans laugh when places like Chicago or New York get hit with a "heatwave" that makes temperatures soar into the high 90's or just over 100 degrees and people there complain about the "heatwave" when our low temperatures in the summer rarely get below 65 degrees---if that--and our highs are 100+ for a solid month. We just wonder why they don't crank their AC's up!

Professor Principal
2.1.3  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Texan1211 @2.1.2    2 weeks ago

80% of the 51 states (inclu DC)  get an average of at least 5 inches of snow per year.

That is "most of the rest of the country" whether you like it or not. 

PhD Principal
2.1.4  Texan1211  replied to  JohnRussell @2.1.3    2 weeks ago

Oh, FFS.

Do I really need to explain to you that AVERAGES are different than one-time weather events?


So you see no fucking difference whatsoever with Texas getting record snowfalls over a 3-4 day period with Bumfuck, USA getting 5 inches of snow spread out over an entire winter.

That's like claiming that a place that floods because of a hurricane shouldn't because Bumfuck, USA gets more rain in a year than that and doesn't flood!

Good to know.


Professor Principal
2.1.5  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Texan1211 @2.1.4    2 weeks ago

It is an utter waste of time to talk with you. 

In one of your comments you said this

Claiming it is normal winter weather in most of the country is plain false.

It isnt everyday winter weather in most of the country, but it is normal.  Normally, Kentucky gets an average of 8.83 inches of snow per year. 

I have to remind myself not to waste time replying to your comments anymore. 

PhD Principal
2.1.6  Texan1211  replied to  JohnRussell @2.1.5    2 weeks ago

I know exactly what I wrote.

You are comparing AVERAGES to a one-time weather event.

That is plain stupid.

Professor Principal
2.1.7  author  JohnRussell  replied to  Texan1211 @2.1.6    2 weeks ago

Comment on the mayor in the article. 

Any further comments that do not involve the seed will be subject to deletion.

PhD Principal
2.1.8  Texan1211  replied to  JohnRussell @2.1.7    2 weeks ago

I responded to your post #2.

If I am off topic, so are you by your very own standards, right?

In post #2, you made no reference to the mayor at all, nor in ANY subsequent comments to me on this particular thread.

You can delete this if you choose, but it makes you look very hypocritical to do so.

Trout Giggles
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2.2  Trout Giggles  replied to  JohnRussell @2    one week ago

I don't know if Texas is part of the 10 State Standards but it's a manual used by utility and public engineers (health and environmental) when planning where to put water and sewer lines. There is a minimum distance that water lines are to be placed to guard against freezing in severe weather. Chicago probably had them buried all the way to the Earth's core (that's a joke) but more southern states only have to go down about a foot and a half at best. This is to provide insulation from the soil where the pipes are buried. If some utilities didn't do this, this could be why they have problems.

Also, lack of water can come from power outages because water plants run on electricity. That's where generators come in handy with a supply of fuel to keep the water plant going for a few days at least. 

I don't know anything about power plants but burying power lines eases some of the problems. 

Also, Texas is not prepared for such a storm. They probably don't have salt and sand and I doubt you could find one snow plow in all of Texas.

John, you and I grew up in cold weather climates so we know what's necessary, but for people who have never experienced it, it can be a harsh reality. Hopefully they will be better prepared when it happens again.

Larry Hampton
Professor Guide
3  Larry Hampton    2 weeks ago

Lazy, freezin' Texans lookin' for handouts now huh?! What a buncha socialist pinko commies!


Thrawn 31
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3.1  Thrawn 31  replied to  Larry Hampton @3    2 weeks ago

I know right?

Professor Participates
4  evilgenius    2 weeks ago

So how are people in Tx supposed to generate heat and electricity for themselves? 

Professor Principal
4.1  Kavika   replied to  evilgenius @4    2 weeks ago
So how are people in Tx supposed to generate heat and electricity for themselves? 

Setting their house on fire would handle the heat problem. As for electricity they could dam the creek and produce it that way. 

Those suggestions are as ignorant as the mayor's comments are.

Freshman Participates
4.1.1  shona1  replied to  Kavika @4.1    2 weeks ago

Morning. Do most houses over there use all electric?? Here we can have both...electric and if one is blacked out still can use the other.

Our power grid is struggling to the extent they were running adds on tv to prepare for blackouts etc if it was going to be a stinker of a summer.

Lucky this summer has been very cool no majour bushfires and Autumn is already in the air. So think we have avoided the yearly "dance with the fire devil"..

Professor Principal
4.1.2  Kavika   replied to  shona1 @4.1.1    2 weeks ago

No, most have a combo of gas and elec, shona. Some are all-electric, our complex is all-electric. The next one over is gas and electric. 

You had a mild summer down under. My kids are quite happy that it was and not another dance with the fire devil.

Freshman Participates
4.1.3  shona1  replied to  Kavika @4.1.2    2 weeks ago

Yes same here..last year's bushfires were enough for quite awhile. It is only the last two days I have been able to hit the waves..and the temperature was over 30oC..

Thrawn 31
Senior Guide
5  Thrawn 31    2 weeks ago

SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT. He, a guy who is paid by taxpayers, goes on to blame them for their basic utlities not working? When all of them to one degree are subsidies by their $ in addition to them paying those companies directly? Somehow the payees are at fault for their services, the ones they paid for, not working? Dipshit. 

Trout Giggles
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5.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  Thrawn 31 @5    one week ago

The last time I looked electricity and water are not handouts...I gotta pay for those "handouts"

Freshman Principal
6  Gsquared    one week ago

Any doubt his wife is already applying for unemployment, a socialist handout?

Masters Expert
6.1  devangelical  replied to  Gsquared @6    one week ago

I feel sorry for his kids. another fucking dumb ass texas trumpster.

PhD Principal
6.2  Texan1211  replied to  Gsquared @6    one week ago

Why wouldn't she apply after getting laid off? To not do so would be rather foolish.

How is unemployment insurance a socialist handout exactly?


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