A customer who refused to wear a mask in a Wells Fargo bank waited in the parking lot to violently ambush the manager at the end of his shift, report says


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A customer who refused to wear a mask in a Wells Fargo bank waited in the parking lot to violently ambush the manager at the end of his shift, report says
The bank manager was reportedly called a racist slur by a client and then attacked in the parking lot when his shift ended.

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e151e5.gif© Google Maps The bank manager was reportedly attacked after a client refused to wear a mask when entering the Wells Fargo in Grover Beach, California. Google Maps

  • A man at a Wells Fargo bank in California and refused to wear a mask, The San Luis Obispo Tribune reported.
  • A bank manager offered him a spare mask to wear, but the man reportedly became aggressive.
  • At the end of the bank manager's shift, The Tribune reported that he was ambushed by his client in the parking lot.
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A bank manager at a Wells Fargo in California was beaten after his shift ended by a client who refused to wear a face mask, according to The San Luis Obispo Tribune.

An unnamed man, who is described as being in his mid-40s and bald, walked into the Grover Beach bank on September 3 and "responded aggressively" after being told to put on a mask, The Tribune reported.

The bank manager, who The Tribune referred to as "A" to protect his identity, offered him a mask to wear but the man reportedly became even more hostile and started rummaging through drawers in the bank's lobby.

When A, who is Hispanic, threatened to call the police, the local media outlet reported that he was then called a racist slur by the unmasked man.

"I better not catch you outside," the man reportedly said to A.

At the end of A's shift, at around 5.30 pm, The Tribune reported that the man showed up in the Wells Fargo parking lot, grabbed the bank manager, and pushed him towards a wall.

"I'm starting to gather myself a bit, and I realize I'm under attack," A recalled.

The two men began to fight, and A said he tried to choke the aggressive client, according to the local media outlet.

Meanwhile, a coworker called the police and the man fled.

According to The Tribune, A suffered a concussion and lacerations to the head, hand, and face. He has not returned to work since the incident.

In a statement to The Tribune, Grover Beach Police Chief John Peters confirmed a report filed regarding a battery and hate crime in the Wells Fargo parking lot.

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jrDiscussion - desc
Professor Principal
1  seeder  JohnRussell    5 days ago

I think they should have aggravated circumstances for these cases so as to increase the jail time. 

Senior Silent
1.1  SteevieGee  replied to  JohnRussell @1    5 days ago

There's something called lying in wait.  Depending on the state it could add years to a sentence.

Junior Principal
1.2  epistte  replied to  JohnRussell @1    5 days ago

 This was premeditated assault. A hate crime because of the mans ethnicity ( he used a racist slur) might be warranted depending on the aggressors views, if they can be determined.

 He knew exactly what he was doing and the GOP are fanning the flames of these people. They need to be held accountable for what their words do when people are getting hurt. People have the right of free speech about public policy but when they resort to violence and intimidation then the line has been crossed and criminal action is warranted.

Senior Guide
2  XXJefferson51    5 days ago

Thats odd.  I’m a California Wells Fargo customer and I don’t wear one and no one made an issue of it.  Few customers did wear one here. 

Junior Principal
2.1  Gsquared  replied to  XXJefferson51 @2    5 days ago

Masks are required in all Wells Fargo branches in California.  

I don’t wear one and no one made an issue of it

Obviously, the branch employees don't want to get severely injured or beaten to death by fanatics.

It was reported that on September 9 there were 310 new Covid cases in Shasta County, including 96 children (up to age 19).   There were 7 reported deaths caused by Covid in Shasta County on September 9, including 2 fully vaccinated people.  " This is the second-highest number of deaths reported in one day in Shasta County, and five of these people were under age 60."

Clearly, Shasta County is going the wrong way.

Professor Expert
3  Tacos!    5 days ago

These people have lost their minds. You would attack a person over this? That’s insane. What is truly tragic is that millions of people have been talked into this insanity. They had to be convinced that things like vaccines and masks are some kind of assault on them. 

Professor Principal
3.1  Gordy327  replied to  Tacos! @3    5 days ago
These people have lost their minds.

That's an understatement. What kind of individual refuses to wear a mask and/or get vaccinated in the middle of a pandemic? Peop;e haven't just lost their minds, they're incredibly stupid too!


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