Are you smarter Than a jeopardy college contestant Part 2


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By:  john-russell  •  2 years ago  •  6 comments

Are you smarter Than a jeopardy college contestant Part 2

Here is a final jeopardy question that all three of the college championship contestants got wrong.


The first Decoration Day in 1868 , to later become known as Memorial Day,  took place at what property owned by Robert E Lee's wife ?


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Professor Principal
1  author  JohnRussell    2 years ago

Know it?

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Professor Silent
2  charger 383    2 years ago

I think I know what it is called now

Professor Principal
3  JBB    2 years ago

What is Arlington National Cemetery - Custis Estate?

Split Personality
Professor Guide
3.1  Split Personality  replied to  JBB @3    2 years ago

Yes,  Washingtons grandson Custis started the estate to honor the first President.

The grandsons daughter married Robert E Lee and Custis left the property to the daughter and her son, but they abandoned the "plantation" at the start of the war.

Because of the elevation, the US Army seized the property and put a number of artillery battery across the property to protect Washington DC.

In 1864 the US Government declared the estate seized and settled for approximately 4 years of unpaid taxes. 

Professor Principal
4  author  JohnRussell    2 years ago

The correct answer as given by the Jeopardy host is Arlington National Cemetery

Professor Silent
5  SteevieGee    2 years ago

I'm a long time Jeopardy fan.  What's with the audio subtext on this tournament?  While frantically picking my brain for an almost there answer some narrator says "Joseph has 1800 and is now in second place", or "Julie smiles and tips her head to the right."  It's so distracting that I quit watching it.


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