Trump spokeswoman calls for mass arrests during speech at QAnon conference


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By:   Brad Reed (Raw Story - Celebrating Years of Independent Journalism)

Trump spokeswoman calls for mass arrests during speech at QAnon conference
Liz Harrington, the spokeswoman for former President Donald Trump, delivered a speech at a conference organized by QAnon proponents this weekend in which she called for mass arrests of the people who purportedly "stole" the 2020 election.Vice News reports that Harrington delivered the speech at the ...

S E E D E D   C O N T E N T

Liz Harrington, the spokeswoman for former President Donald Trump, delivered a speech at a conference organized by QAnon proponents this weekend in which she called for mass arrests of the people who purportedly "stole" the 2020 election.

Vice News reports   that Harrington delivered the speech at the "Patriots Arise" conference held over the weekend in Pennsylvania, which was organized by two QAnon activists.

“It’s so important to have accountability and have that trust restored because otherwise you’re going to get more of it," Harrington told the group. "There’s no accountability? Yep. They’re gonna start arresting political opponents. They’re gonna start throwing political dissidents in jail. They’re going to parade people and interrogate you for your free speech... You really think if there’s no arrests made from 2020, if there’s no real exposing of it and getting these people and holding them accountable, you really think they won’t do it again?"

When asked by Vice News about the speech, Harrington said she was only referring to the people who broke the law to steal the election.

When asked for specifics, she sent YouTube videos purportedly showing people stuffing ballot boxes, although election officials across multiple states have confirmed that there was not any voter fraud of any size that occurred that would have changed the outcome of the election.

Harrington declined to comment when asked by Vice News about the conference's organizers, Allen and Francine Fosdick, whose website once featured the slogan, "Where we go one, we go all."


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A top GOP candidate for governor campaigned at an event promoting QAnon and conspiracy theories about 9/11

5-7 minutes   Invalid Date

When candidates for public office indulge in conspiracy theories like QAnon, it’s often with a wink and a nod.

But just weeks before   Pennsylvania’s May 17 primary election , such ideas are being promoted in plain sight. And high-profile Republican candidates for statewide office are treating talk of a “global satanic blood cult” like regular campaigning.

Last week in Gettysburg, a far-right Christian conference called “Patriots Arise for God and Country” drew State Sen. Doug Mastriano, a   GOP front-runner for Pennsylvania governor ; Teddy Daniels, a candidate for lieutenant governor; Maryland gubernatorial candidate Dan Cox; Liz Harrington , a spokesperson for former President Donald Trump; and former Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis.

About 25 minutes into the two-day conference, organizers played a video claiming the world is experiencing a “great awakening” that will expose “ritual child sacrifice” and a “global satanic blood cult.”

Followers of QAnon believe a global cabal of Democrats and elites are trafficking children for sex and engaged in other demonic activity — but that all of this will soon be exposed. Images associated with the conspiracy theory were on display during the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol attack.

The video showed Friday featured a kind of greatest hits of conspiracy theories that have circulated for decades. It showed images of the Twin Towers collapsing on 9/11 — with the label “false flags.” It claimed John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he “knew too much” and posed a “high risk of cabal exposure,” that vaccines amount to “genocide therapy,” and that Hitler faked his death. It offered other conspiracy theories about the atomic bomb, the Spanish flu, 5G, the 2008 financial crisis — and, of course, the 2020 election.

But, the video said, it is “game over” for the darkness, and thousands will be jailed and executed. It showed images of a guillotine.

“All of the systems the darkness had in place to control us are going to crumble,” the narrator says, as the video shows a view of outer space. “The fear, the corruption, the greed, the wars and rumors of wars, the hate, the technology, media propaganda, the child trafficking and the slave economy — all of these control systems will crumble down.”

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Trump's new chief spokeswoman, Liz Harrington, has been a serial promoter of election lies

Daniel Dale 5-7 minutes   6/18/2021

Washington (CNN) Former President Donald Trump's new chief spokeswoman has been a serial promoter of lies about the 2020 election.

Trump, himself an   unrelenting   pusher of those lies, announced Tuesday that he had hired former Republican National Committee spokeswoman Liz Harrington to replace   departing spokesman Jason Miller .

Harrington said in a Tuesday   statement   that it is the honor of her life to represent Trump "and to stand for the truth." But she has been repeatedly and egregiously untruthful about what happened in the election in which Trump was defeated by Joe Biden -- falsely declaring over and over that   Trump was the legitimate winner   and that the election was   stolen   from him.

On the day of the Capitol insurrection in January, Harrington falsely   insisted   that the election was being stolen by "communists." And less than a week after the insurrection, she falsely   claimed   that "the real insurrection" occurred during "vote dumps" the morning after Election Day.

Asked for comment for this article, Harrington responded Wednesday by denouncing CNN and arguing again that the election was marred by "numerous anomalies."

November nonsense

Harrington made numerous false claims about the election while working for the RNC in November.

"President Trump won this election," Harrington falsely declared in a California television   interview   on November 8 -- the day after television networks projected that Biden had won.

In the same interview, Harrington baselessly insisted that Biden could not have earned 81 million "real votes" because he had small crowds at his campaign events. (A candidate's crowd sizes d o not necessarily predict   their vote totals even when a pandemic is not occurring, and Biden's campaign team shrunk his events for the purpose of   social distancing .) And Harrington baselessly suggested it was suspicious that Biden won states in which Trump had early leads in the public vote totals, though Trump had those illusory leads only because many of the votes had not yet been counted.

Harrington was even more inaccurate in a Texas   radio interview   on November 11, this time declaring that counting every "legal vote" would show that Trump not only won the election but won in "a landslide." She also said there was evidence of "systemic" fraud, though that was not true then and is not true now.

Harrington's Twitter posts were no more factual than her comments out loud. On November 10, Harrington posted a series of tweets in which she made a   nonsensical argument   that Biden getting more votes in some staunchly Democratic urban counties than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 was itself suggestive of fraud. Increased voter participation is, obviously, not evidence that something nefarious occurred -- and turnout was up around the country, not just in Democratic strongholds.

Harrington has   sometimes   made the debatable argument that state elections officials made unconstitutional pandemic-era changes to their policies; in her Wednesday statement to CNN, she repeated her argument that secretaries of state had acted unconstitutionally. But from November onward, many of her assertions about what happened in particular places Trump lost have been objectively untrue.

She has falsely   claimed , among other things, that Georgia counted tens of thousands of votes from underage voters and that Philadelphia blocked Trump poll watchers to " stuff the ballot box ."

More lies in 2021

Harrington, like Trump, did not stop lying about the election even after the Electoral College   affirmed Biden's victory   and the Supreme Court   rejected   a challenge that sought to overturn the result. On December 24, after both of those developments, she   tweeted   simply and wrongly: "TRUMP WON."

On January 3, after she left her RNC job in December, Harrington   tweeted   that "the fraud is OVERWHELMING" and favorably quoted a false Trump allegation about an election worker supposedly stuffing ballot boxes in Georgia.

On January 6, both   before   and   after   the Capitol insurrection, Harrington issued her warnings against allowing "communists" to "steal" the election. In a Newsmax interview that night, she falsely   claimed   that Pennsylvania had 200,000 more votes cast than actual voters, though that assertion, which came from Republican lawmakers who misinterpreted official data, had already been   debunked   by the state.

The day after the insurrection, Harrington   said   on Newsmax that "equal justice under the law" means that people should be prosecuted not only "if you're storming the Capitol and destroying property" but "if you're destroying votes that were legally cast for our president" -- though there is no evidence that legal votes for Trump were destroyed. And on January 12, Harrington went on Newsmax again and   said   "the real insurrection" happened in the early hours of the morning the day after Election Day, when she said the "vote dumps" occurred.

"That's when it happened. That was the overthrow," she said.

The so-called "vote dumps" were, simply, large quantities of newly counted votes being added to the public totals as normal.

On the day of Biden's inauguration, Harrington went on Newsmax once more and   said , "There's no way he got 81 million votes. It's a fraud." She called Biden "an illegitimate person, a fake candidate."

Harrington went to work for   former Trump official Steve Bannon's "War Room"   media operation after leaving the RNC. She showed no sign of changing her tune after changing jobs,   continuing   into the spring to call the election   stolen .

Greg Jones
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3  Greg Jones    4 weeks ago

Thankfully, right wing wacko's such as this are few and far between.

Professor Principal
3.1  seeder  JohnRussell  replied to  Greg Jones @3    4 weeks ago

She is the spokeswoman for Donald Trump. 

Professor Quiet
4  bbl-1    4 weeks ago

Harrington is correct.  There should be mass arrests.  Dozens in the US House and Senate.  Dozens in several state houses.  And dozens more that have successfully grifted on the lies.

Doesn't really matter in the long run----------hopefully.  When the Putin Regime collapses, the treasure trove of information and years of money trails coming out of The Kremlin could very well force many of these seditionists to find someplace else that would accept their immigration papers.  Harrington, at least for the short term, Belarus is an option.

Professor Principal
5  JBB    4 weeks ago

Can you even fathom the level of krazy required to be Trump spokeswoman and his, um, mouthpiece?

Junior Principal
6  Gsquared    4 weeks ago

First she said:

They’re gonna start arresting political opponents.  They’re gonna start throwing political dissidents in jail. 

Then she said:

You really think if there’s no arrests made from 2020, if there’s no real exposing of it and getting these people and holding them accountable, you really think they won’t do it again?

As usual, a reactionary is telegraphing exactly what they intend to do.   Arrest political opponents and throw political dissidents in jail.  Just like their ally and partner, Putin.  

Professor Principal
6.1  JBB  replied to  Gsquared @6    4 weeks ago

They cannot understand others think differently! 

Junior Principal
6.1.1  Gsquared  replied to  JBB @6.1    4 weeks ago

It's pretty much standard practice for reactionaries to claim their political opponents are going to do something horrible, which they aren't, just before the reactionaries do it themselves.


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