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Trump's "Pathetic" Video from 2011

Trump's "Pathetic" Video from 2011

By: al Jizzerror  •  327 comments  •  2 months ago
Please watch this short video (1:40). This is what HYPOCRISY looks like. Obviously, Obama did NOT "start a war with Iran". I can't wait to see the Trumpsters on NewsTalkers try to justify Trump's hypocrisy.
Jan 08 10:22pm @15.2.2 Well put! There may be some RWers here who would drink their "Fool-Aid" with that shit.
Jan 08 9:30pm @15.2 "..." You know history. The Republicans like to rewrite history. Lindsey Graham is wearing flip-flops. He called Trump a conman (and worse) in 2016. Lindsey has been Trump's girlfriend since...
Jan 08 7:55am @3.1.33 "..." Nope?  You're not spamming me? Then why are you posting so many comments on my content? I guess that means you're stalking me. I already have a NewsTalkers girlfriend - Cobalt.
Jan 07 11:26pm @3.1.32 "..." The duration of that thingy demonstrated the same staying power that Trump has.
Jan 07 11:21pm @3.1.31 "..." It was brought to my attention by my chief of security. He was concerned about the way you drone on and on and on and on and on and on and on.... I told him not to worry.  Your kind of...
Jan 07 10:19pm @3.1.28 "..." Sorry, my bad.  I shouldn't have suggested spamming someone else. I don't want anyone to get spammed.
Jan 07 10:12pm @3.1.27 "..." You've posted over a hundred comments on my last three articles. Many of those comments were directed at me. So, you're either spamming my threads or you're stalking me. Are you spamming...
Jan 07 8:36pm @3.1.24 "..." No you're not ignoring Dulay's comments.  Here's the proof you provided: "..." It was certainly easy to prove your comment was a lie.  Maybe you should consider spamming someone else's...
Jan 07 11:54am @7.2.75 I'm building an "I don't give a damn" in an attempt to prevent the bullshit that's being spewed on this thread from contaminating the computers that belong to the intelligent people using...
Jan 07 5:12am @15.1 "..." As the Trumpsters will be quick to yammer about, Trump hasn't actually struck Iran (yet). Right now Trump is merely on the warm up lap. Sure, he's doing everything he can to provoke a war...
Jan 06 11:00pm @7.2.72 "..." So you have NO evidence yet you continue to spew the same stupid shit.
Jan 06 10:33pm @7.2.70 "..." Please don't hold your breath waiting for that evidence.
Jan 06 10:06pm @7.2.68 "..." Why are you so obsessed with "sucking crank"?
Jan 06 10:04pm @7.2.67 "..." Why do you insist on spewing bullshit like that? It's just fucking ridiculous.
Jan 06 8:39pm @2.2.25 "..." Or much of anything else.
Jan 06 8:38pm @7.2.63 "..." I'm glad you have a hobby.
Jan 06 8:37pm @7.2.62 "..." I do NOT share your preference.
Jan 06 7:57pm @2.2.23 "..." You still can't discuss Trump's hypocrisy can you?
Jan 06 7:50pm @14.1.3 "..." The Hypocrite-in-Chief:
Jan 06 6:11pm @13.4.1 "..." Well, being a Trumpster is a major embarrassment so it makes people used to being embarrassed all of the time. After while they can spew bullshit on social sites and it doesn't even bother...
Jan 06 6:04pm @2.2.21 "..." The right-wingers who refuse to discuss the video (the topic of this article). You know, people like you.
Jan 06 5:57pm @8.2.32 "..." That's total fucking bullshit.
Jan 06 5:54pm @8.2.31 "..." Gee, I thought you would consider that a compliment. Flag me all you want, I don't care if you flag every comment I post. I have never flagged anything on this site and I never will. You...
Jan 06 5:47pm @5.1.35 "..." It was their money being returned.
Jan 06 5:02pm @12.2.1 "..."
Jan 06 4:56pm @13.3.1 "..." It's the dumbest shit I've seen.
Jan 06 4:53pm @8.2.28 "..."
Jan 06 4:48pm @7.2.58 "..."
Jan 06 3:22pm @8.2.22 "..." Okay.  If that bullshit is what "left wing media" says and "many of those on here" are saying that shit, please post a quotation to back up that fucking lie.
Jan 06 3:17pm @8.2.21 "..." Yeah, you're extreme right-wing. Butt nobody wants "an Iranian strike that will kill Americans". That's bullshit.
Jan 06 3:13pm @13.2 "..." This was Saturday in DC.  Looks like at least 13 people.
Jan 06 3:07pm @13.1 "..." More stupid bullshit.
Jan 06 2:53pm @8.2.19 "..." That's total fucking bullshit.
Jan 06 2:32pm @5.1.30 "..." Trump doesn't have a clue about the War powers act. Why do you think he is finally invoking it?
Jan 06 2:29pm @5.1.29 Thanks for confirming that you don't know what this article is about.
Jan 06 2:27pm @7.2.56 "..." That article is based on an opinion from the FDD (a conservative think tank). The shit published by that stink tank is not reliable.
Jan 06 1:35pm @3.1.19 "..." Yep. He said I'm deflecting from my own article. I post dozens of comments about the Trumpsters deflections. 
Jan 06 1:18pm @7.2.50 "..." Reading is fundamental.  This is part of the referenced document: "..."
Jan 06 1:03pm @5.1.27 "..." It proves that Trump wants to bomb Iran. Obama never wanted to bomb Iran despite what Trump said in the video associated with this article that you conservatives continue to deflect from....
Jan 06 12:59pm @5.1.26 "..." Don't hold your breath.
Jan 06 12:57pm @7.2.48 "..." I already answered that question (comment #7.2.39  author  al Jizzerror  replied to  It Is ME @7.2.38 ). Please read it this time. "..."
Jan 06 12:45pm @12.1.4 "..." That is five months after Trump shredded the agreement. This is based on the last quarterly report before Trump officially withdrew from the agreement: "..."
Jan 06 12:40pm @3.1.17 "..." Derp.
Jan 06 12:37pm @7.2.46 "..." How do you know how long it will take for them to get "back on track". I'm surprised that anyone would find Iran's intention to make nukes a laughing matter. Well, no sane person would...
Jan 06 12:21pm @3.1.15 "..." Derp.
Jan 06 12:15pm @8.2.17 "..." So, go ahead and stand by that ridiculous statement (even though you can't provide a shred of evidence that supports it). Just like Trump in the video claiming Obama will attack Iraq. You...
Jan 06 12:12pm @12.1.1 "..." The IAEA said Iran was in compliance with the agreement.
Jan 06 12:10pm @7.3.6 "..." Are you calling me a liar?
Jan 06 12:08pm @7.2.43 "..." No, butt they're working on it again. Here's what they said the Trump withdrew from the agreement: "..." Here what they say now after the killing of Soleimani: "..."
Jan 06 11:37am @7.2.39 "..." Iran adhered to the agreement until Trump ripped it up. "..."
Jan 06 11:17am @2.2.18 "..." What we do is spelled differently.
Jan 06 11:15am @7.2.37 Neocons have wanted war with Iran for decades. It appears that Trump is going to give them what they want. Obama got Iran to sign the JCPOA which Trump has shredded. Obama showed us that using...
Jan 06 11:08am @12 In the video Trump did not accuse Obama of attacking Iran.  Obama never said he would attack Iran.  Trump made that shit up. Nobody said Trump has attacked Iran.  Butt Trump killed the head of...
Jan 06 10:51am @8.2.15 "..." So no liberals have said they're mourning Soleimani butt you are pretending they're mourning him anyway. "..." Wow!  That is one of the dumbest statements posted in this thread. No...
Jan 06 10:44am @2.2.16 He's trying to bait someone into committing a CoC violation. He's a master baiter.
Jan 05 11:49pm @2.2.12 "..." Perrie has said that tactic is a CoC violation. 
Jan 05 11:19pm @3.1.13 "..." That's ridiculous.
Jan 05 11:17pm @7.2.35 "..." What is your preference? War with Iran?
Jan 05 11:16pm @7.2.34 "..." Obama managed to get 20 sailors released. I hope Trump doesn't get a bunch of Americans killed.
Jan 05 11:14pm @2.3.24 Nope.
Jan 05 7:47pm @7.2.29 "..." You are accusing me of lying again, yet your boy Donald is the biggest liar in history. I do hope we can de-escalate this shit and avoid losing more lives. In 2016 Trump promised to get...
Jan 05 6:56pm @4.1.9 "..." Well the blowjob left a stain on the office (and a dress). I just got tired of having to explain "oral sex" to my children.
Jan 05 6:54pm @4.1.8 "..." And we're lucky to have you.
Jan 05 6:50pm @5.1.19 "..." Please send your suggestion to The Donald.
Jan 05 6:47pm @5.1.18 Yeah it's hilarious. Terrorists in Kenya killed an American soldier and two American contractors. Please tell their loved ones that you think it's funny.
Jan 05 6:43pm @8.1.11 "..." I hate to see you getting bored with the deflections. I made this meme for your amusement.
Jan 05 6:16pm @8.2.14 "..." DERP.
Jan 05 6:15pm @8.2.13 "..." Derp.
Jan 05 6:13pm @5.1.16 "..." Could be Iranian-backed terrorists recruited and paid by Soleimani. Could be the first act of retaliation. That's not a good thing. Another rocket hit the green zone in Baghdad. The...
Jan 05 5:32pm @8.2.11 "..." Please post evidence of this so-called "mourning".
Jan 05 5:24pm @10.1 "..." Nobody on this thread has said Trump started a war with Iran. As I have said (many times) his attack is considered an act of war by Iran so it may lead to war. BTW, Obama did not start a...
Jan 05 5:16pm @8.2.9 "..." That's a fucking lie.
Jan 05 5:14pm @7.3.4 "..." Guess you didn't notice the Electoral College shit was a Trump tweet.  He thought Obama lost the popular vote in 2012.  Naturally, he was wrong about that too.  Obama had almost 5 million...
Jan 05 5:05pm @7.3.3 "..." Damn straight. I was an NCAA wrestler.
Jan 05 5:04pm @7.2.20 "..." That's why the Iranians use proxies to attack Americans and Israelis (and Saudis). What Trump did is escalate the situation. I hope it can be de-escalated (even though Trumps and his...
Jan 05 4:27pm @7.2.16 "..." And you don't care that it constitutes an act of war. The Iranians said it's an act of war and they have promised to retaliate. Terrorists just killed an American soldier and two American...
Jan 05 4:13pm @9.1 "..." Would you like to post you analysis of the video (you know, the topic of the article).
Jan 05 4:05pm @7.3.1 "..." Wow, you didn't understand her simple comment? No, you can't be that fucking stupid so I guess your comment is a stupid strawman.
Jan 05 3:55pm @7.2.12 "..." He was the second most important government official in Iran. Get it? I know you can't handle the truth.
Jan 05 3:49pm @5.1.10 "..." Terrorists just killed an American soldiers and two American contractors in Kenya. Tell their loved ones it's not a BFD.
Jan 05 3:48pm @5.1.9 "..." I can tell Trump is a fucking hypocrite.
Jan 05 3:43pm @4.1.3 "..." I called for Clinton to resign (even before he was impeached).
Jan 05 3:42pm @4.1.2 "..." This is NOT your article. Do NOT tell anyone to "go away".
Jan 05 3:36pm @3.2 "..." TRUMP!
Jan 05 3:36pm @2.3.11 "..." So I guess you think that if Iran kills the head of our Joint Chiefs of Staff, that wouldn't be an act of war if he was outside of the U.S.
Jan 05 3:28pm @7.2.10 "..." I'm not forcing you to stay here and waste your time.
Jan 05 3:26pm @7.2.9 "..." Did Obama start a war with Iran?  No. Did Trump commit an act of war against Iran?  Yes.
Jan 05 3:23pm @5.1.6 "..." Trump's act of war made that old clip totally hypocritical.
Jan 05 3:21pm @5.1.5 "..." You're the first conservative that has admitted Trump was wrong. Thank you for being honest.
Jan 05 3:20pm @5.2 "..."
Jan 05 3:08pm @3.1.8 "..." Thanks for providing an example of a CoC violation. I knew you wouldn't disappoint. Butt don't worry I never flag comments.
Jan 05 3:03pm @2.3.9 "..." That is not "mourning".
Jan 05 3:01pm @2.2.5 "..." Iran said it was an act of war.
Jan 05 2:54pm @8.2.2 "..."
Jan 05 2:41pm @8.1.8 "..."
Jan 05 2:38pm @8.1.7 "..." = Liberalism
Jan 05 2:32pm @8.1.6 "..." So you still can't discuss the video?
Jan 05 2:29pm @7.2.6 "..."
Jan 05 2:25pm @7.2.5 "..." Still can't discuss the video?
Jan 05 2:17pm @7.2.3 "..." Gotta deflect.
Jan 05 2:10pm @6.1 "..." Yep. There's also a Trump Deflection Syndrome. I guess they can't defend the indefensible.
Jan 05 2:04pm @5.1 Another deflection! That's all the Trumpsters can do. They can't defend what Trump said in the video.
Jan 05 1:59pm @4.2 "..." I see you're still deflecting. Care to comment on the video in this article?
Jan 05 1:56pm @3.1.6 "..." You're always wrong.
Jan 05 1:53pm @3.1.5 "..." Yes, the deflections are sad.
Jan 05 1:50pm @3.1.4 "..." The deflections are stupid.
Jan 05 1:44pm @2.3.2 "..." That's total fucking bullshit and just another deflection. Care to comment on the video (the topic of this article)?
Jan 05 1:17pm @2.2.2 That's just another stupid fucking deflection.   It has nothing to do with the topic of this article. Care to comment on the video (the topic of this video)?
Jan 05 1:05pm @3.1 That's what I expected, Republican deflections. Would you like to express an opinion about the topic of this article? Did you watch the fucking video?
Jan 05 1:00pm @2.2 "..." That's not the topic of this article.  As you know, I discussed that elsewhere. Please read my article that's about your deflection: The Impact Of Killing Qassem Suleimani What do you...
Jan 05 12:36pm @1 Who's pathetic? TRUMP!
Republican Disinformation (Again)

Republican Disinformation (Again)

By: al Jizzerror  •  106 comments  •  2 months ago
Republicans, led by their fearless leader Donald Trump are always yelling about "fake news".  To them, any news they don't like is labelled "fake" even when it's 100% accurate.  So one would think that Republicans would never publish "fake news" themselves. Well, one would be wrong to believe that.  Trump has spent millions of dollars on FaceBook ads that are outrageous lies.  Here is...
Jan 08 9:55pm @13.2 "..." I think there is another category:  Republican/Russian bots There may be bots on this site right now. More bots might show up in a month or two. There may even be Chinese bots.  
Jan 08 7:20pm @7.1.4 "..." Wow. You really know your shit. I think Trump is bat shit crazy.
Jan 08 5:32pm @16.1 "..." Fuck yeah! Rudy Giuliani has proof of that shit on his phone. And, no, he won't show it to anyone.  Butt, he's got it.  Yeah, that's the ticket. 
Jan 08 5:26pm @15.1 "..." Texas Republicans thrive on disinformation. I've even noticed Miss information spamming idiotic shit right here on NewsTalkers.
Jan 08 5:20pm @10.1.4 "..." Yep, it's funny and sad at the same time because they're oxyMORONS.
Jan 08 4:30pm @10.1.2 "..." When I published this article, I commented first (probably within 30 seconds). About 5 min later I noticed my comment (1  author  al Jizzerror    8 hours ago) had been flagged. The...
Jan 08 4:21pm @4.2.2 "..." Well put. It looks like they used the "golden shower filter" when they photoshopped it. That's probably why some of the Trumpsters believed it.
Jan 08 2:46pm @2.2.1 "..." Nailed the spelling! LMFAO!
Jan 08 2:43pm @13.1 2020 is an election year. Russian bots are re-emerging all over the net. You can tell by the smell and I'm not talking about pollen. Keep you eyes open they may already be here.
Jan 08 2:35pm @12.1.2 "..." I agree with him almost 10% of the time. Voted that comment up.
Jan 08 2:33pm @11.1 "..." Wow! Those Saudi women are butt fugly.   Butt it's kida cute that she's holding her skirt up with one hand and holding hands with DuhBya with her other hand.
Jan 08 11:07am @9 "..." Yep. Mike Pence, the homophobic VP, lies like his boss. The Republicans have to lie because the truth makes them look like fucking idiots.
Jan 08 10:13am @1.1.1 "..." Then he had the balls to call himself “a devout family man” who “cherishes Arizona’s culture of family values.” He's a Trump style hypocrite. 
Jan 08 10:02am @7.1.2 "..." Save that puke for my usual stalkers. They haven't noticed this article yet, or maybe they're just shoveling up more shit to fling.
Jan 08 9:36am @7.1 "..." Never change Republicans.  You make me laugh if nothing else.
Jan 08 9:23am @4.1.3 Yes, the president is a joke.
Jan 08 9:17am @3.1.2 "..." This article contains evidence of my claim. Perhaps you should read it.
Jan 08 9:05am @6.1 They prove your statement is true when they comment on my articles.
Jan 08 9:04am @4.1.1 It wasn't a joke either. Like Trump, Gosar is a joke.
Jan 08 8:51am @5 Yes, Gosar has always been an asshole.
Jan 08 8:49am @2.1 That funny. Butt the wingers usually flock to my articles to deflect. They'll show up to spew bullshit and Obama and Hillary butt they will never mention the dishonest photoshopped pic.
Jan 08 8:46am @3.1 So, once again, all you can do is deflect. The topic of the article is Republican disinformation so you just posted more disinformation instead of addressing the topic. That's fucking hilarious!  
Jan 08 7:42am @1 The Republican Party is the party of lies and disinformation.
Pelosi’s strategy pays off: Now bring in Bolton

Pelosi’s strategy pays off: Now bring in Bolton

Via: JohnRussell  •  135 comments  •  2 months ago  •  LOCKED
Former national security adviser John Bolton said Monday that he is “prepared to testify” if called as a witness by the Senate.Bolton’s attorney previously said he would be guided by the courts on whether to testify in the impeachment proceedings. But Bolton said in a statement Monday that “a final judicial resolution” appears unlikely before a Senate trial.“Accordingly, since my testimony is...
Jan 08 7:07pm @3.2.63 "..." Please don't poke the Mods. Remember what I said in that "Private Note".
Jan 08 6:33pm @3.2.60 "..." I see. You're continuing to swim in denial.
Jan 08 5:07pm @3.2.56 "..." Really? You dragged this fine whine over here from my thread. The Mod provided a detailed explanation about why the post constitutes a CoC violation. So here's a copy&pastie from my...
Jan 08 2:17pm @3.2.44 "..." It was a juvenile attempt to insult me. It didn't bother me and I didn't flag it. I simply told you it was a CoC violation because I thought you might want to self delete to avoid getting...
Jan 06 10:12pm @4.1.1 "..." Nope. This is what she said 3 hours ago: "..."
Jan 06 10:01pm @1.2 Look at the article picture. If you draw a white goatee on Bolton, he's Col. Sanders.
Jan 06 9:28pm @3.1 "..." Moscow Mitch doesn't want Bolton to testify in the Senate. Do you?
Jan 06 9:26pm @4 "..." That's true.  That's their constitutional duty. Unfortunately, Republican Senators think their duty is to protect Trump. Romney is the only Republican Senator who has said he wants to...
The Impact of Killing Qassem Suleimani

The Impact of Killing Qassem Suleimani

By: al Jizzerror  •  411 comments  •  2 months ago
I think everyone considers Qassem Suleimani to be a fucking asshole who deserved to die.  He was responsible for thousands of deaths in the region including hundreds of Americans.  Butt is killing that murdering prick worth a war with Iran (and their proxies)?  Are American troops in the region in more danger as a result of the action?  Will there be more Embassy attacks in the region?  Will...
Jan 08 7:01pm @3.1.69 I'm so mean people think I must be joking. Sometimes it's no joke.
Jan 08 6:50pm @3.1.67 "..." My condolences for your losses. Maybe you can spend more time with your granddaughter and less time hassling Tesslo.
Jan 07 10:33pm @15 The Iranians fired over a dozen missiles at two U.S. bases in Iraq. I'm glad that Trump made the soldiers at those bases safer by killing Soleimani. 
Jan 07 10:30pm @12.1.22 "..." Yep. Israel took out the Iraqi and the Syrian nuclear sites. It was justifiable self defense. That's why the Iranian sites are underground. 
Jan 07 9:01pm @12.1.18 Were you in Kirkuk in 2003?
Jan 07 8:41pm @12.1.16 Should I toss that comprehensive article in the shredder? Maybe you should write your own article since you're the expert.
Jan 07 5:58am @9.1.30 I ain't eaten' that!
Jan 07 5:56am @9.1.29 "..." It's a new phenomena called "presidential penis envy".
Jan 07 4:40am @9.1.28 "..." Okay, okay. We know what you crave.
Jan 07 4:35am @3.1.58 "..." Uh-oh.  Now you've been hitting on her with four consecutive comments.  If you're not more careful, she'll realize that you love her.  You should probably cool it for a little while and...
Jan 07 4:25am @3.1.57 "..." Sure you do.  Thats why you're compelled to stalk Tessylo on "NewStalkers".  You should probably stop trying to peek in her windows.  She'll have to buy an Apple MacBook to maintain her...
Jan 07 4:15am @3.1.56 "..." Yet you were so upset by her absence that you had to post that twice. "..." It's okay.  We love Tessylo too.  We understand you have to hide your schoolboy crush on her.  We know you...
Jan 06 9:09pm @14.1 "..." Yep. The Donald is making us safer. They also announced that they have targeted 300 U.S. military installations. The personnel at those installations are safer now too.
Jan 06 8:35pm @12.1.14 "..." I guess you didn't notice I said this: "..." After they formed ISIS they were able to recruit stupid foreign fighters (including some Americans) who hate us. "..." That's true butt...
Jan 06 7:41pm @12.1.10 "..." Okay. Please tell me what you think is inaccurate. 
Jan 06 6:15pm @4.3.14 Why is that second sentence posted as a quote?
Jan 06 4:41pm @8.2.41 "..." You know I find blue irresistible.
Jan 06 2:35pm @9.1.25 "..." I said Trump wants to be a "dicktator". You brought up Trump's penis.
Jan 06 1:15pm @9.1.20 "..." And it's true. And it doesn't change what YOU posted: "..." We can all see what what you're infatuated with.
Jan 06 1:08pm @9.1.18 "..." I said Trump wants to be a "dicktator". You brought up Trump's penis (comment #9.1.15  It Is ME ): "..."
Jan 06 11:30am @9.1.16 "..." I did not know that trolling is a side effect of Viagra. That you for that edification.
Jan 06 10:41am @9.1.14 "..." Thanks for noticing, please tell The Donald.
Jan 05 1:41pm @12.1.8 "..." Colin Powell used bogus intel about Iraq's mobile chemical weapons labs at the UN.  We found an old stash of shit that probably couldn't have been used.  Butt DuhBya claimed that Iraq had a...
Jan 05 11:37am @12.1.6 "..." That is your erroneous position. I guess you don't remember what I actually said when you said the same shit earlier ( al Jizzerror @12.1 ). "..."
Jan 05 1:25am @8.2.39 "..." Can I quote you on that? Trump has vilified Ilhan Omar so Trumpsters want to paint all Democrats with the "Omar brush".  And they're also fond of using the "AOC brush".
Jan 05 12:53am @12.1.4 "..." Obama sent a limited number of troops back in because of the rise of ISIS.  They tried to work with the Iraqi army butt the Iraqi army ran away from ISIS so they started working with the...
Jan 05 12:39am @8.2.37 "..." It's sad but many people on this site do not even know what a "quotation" is. I've been accused of using "copy&pasties" on my original content even though I cite sources when I do a...
Jan 05 12:16am @6.2.47 "..." He also threatened to attack 52 target in Iran. Because he doesn't want a war.
Jan 04 4:12pm @5.3.6 "..." And no sense.
Jan 04 3:32pm @4.3.10 "..." It's fucking hilarious. Here's what happens when someone says Trump has been impeached:
Jan 04 3:27pm @5.3.3 "..." Gotta love that TDS bullshit.
Jan 04 2:30pm @5.2.13 "..." Yes because of the rise of ISIS.
Jan 03 11:34pm @9.1.11 OMG! That must be the "root of all evil".
Jan 03 8:43pm @12.1 "..." Reminder:  DuhBya got us into Iraq and I guess we're still looking for the WMDs.  Saddam must have done a hellva job stashing those nukes.
Jan 03 6:47pm @9.1.9 Okay, like Trump, you think he is an all powerful dicktator.
Jan 03 5:22pm @8.5.22 "..." Pelosi is the Speaker of the House.
Jan 03 5:18pm @9.1.7 "..." Here are the highlights of comment #9.1.3 "..." "..." Let's examine Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution: "..." President Trump said he believes the U.S. Constitution...
Jan 03 4:47pm @9.1.5 "..." I see that you know as much about the Constitution as The Donald doesn't.
Jan 03 3:24pm @8.5.17 "..." Accurate.
Jan 03 3:13pm @6.2.38 I think Trump should at least had the "gang of eight" briefed.
Jan 03 3:09pm @8.5.12
Jan 03 2:55pm @8.5.9 "..." Bullshit.
Jan 03 2:53pm @3.1.25 "..." Derp.
Jan 03 2:50pm @7.1.16 "..." When I publish an article reasonable people post interesting comments. Unfortunately, many unreasonable people just cum just to attack the reasonable comments. It tends to make things a...
Jan 03 2:42pm @8.4.23 "..." I hope you're wrong.
Jan 03 2:40pm @8.5.6 "..." Please don't accuse people of lying. You should try a different bait when you troll.
Jan 03 2:38pm @8.4.21 "..." WWWIII ? Great idea!
Jan 03 2:37pm @6.2.36 "..." Is pooping okay? One of my all time favorite paintings:
Jan 03 2:20pm @6.2.33 "..."
Jan 03 2:14pm @7.3.3 "..."
Jan 03 1:36pm @7.2.7 "..." We can turn Iran into a fucking ashtray, butt I don't want to.
Jan 03 1:31pm @7.1.14 "..." I sincerely apologize for my role. As the author, I feel obligated to reply to comments. I will try to ignore the bullshit in the future. 
Jan 03 12:32pm @8.2.19 "..." That's fucking off topic (as usual). Please don't troll Tessylo.
Jan 03 12:28pm @6.2.26 "..." Trump killed the second highest ranking government official in Iran. Osama was not a government official.
Jan 03 12:14pm @3.1.20 "..." Qassem Suleimani was the second highest ranking official in the Iranian government. Ossama was an unaffiliated terrorist hiding under a rock.
Jan 03 12:04pm @8.4.10 "..." It was cash that belonged to the Iranians. The World Court ruled that it had to be returned so Obama used it to get the Iranians to curtail their nuclear program.  That was a good move....
Jan 03 12:01pm @3.1.14 "..." It's sad that anyone would criticize Obama for killing Osama. 
Jan 03 11:59am @8.2.7 "..." I'm glad you don't want to argue anymore. Now please stop lying about what I said.
Jan 03 11:56am @6.2.22 "..." Osama was not a general in any country's army. He was a fucking terrorist. I'm surprised to hear anyone criticize Obama for killing that fucking asshole.
Jan 03 11:53am @7.2.4 "..." Saddam was turned over to the Iraqi government. They conducted a trial and then they "axed Saddam".
Jan 03 11:52am @6.2.20 "..." Please read comment #6.2.17
Jan 03 11:50am @7.2.3 "..." Congress declared war after Pearl Harbor.
Jan 03 11:48am @8.4.4 "..." The "pallet of cash" was returned to Iran because it was Iranian money that they sent us to pay for weapons (mostly aircraft) that we refused to deliver (because of their revolution). In...
Jan 03 11:42am @6.2.19 "..." Feel free to flag any and every comment I post. I never flag comments so please continue spewing stupid comments all over this thread.
Jan 03 11:39am @6.2.17 "..." For your edification: "..."
Jan 03 11:32am @8.2.4 "..." You claimed this (comment #8.2  Texan1211 ): "..." I posted a headline that blew your premise out of the fucking water.
Jan 03 11:25am @6.2.12 Thanx for posting another trollish comment. A comment designed to elicit a CoC violation from another member is considered "trolling".
Jan 03 11:21am @8.2.1 "..." The House of Representatives has been very productive. "..."
Jan 03 11:14am @3.1.3 "..." I could add dozens of articles to the two Articles Impeachment that passed.
Jan 03 11:12am @6.2.9 "..." That's the fucking truth. Trollish comments are always worthless.
Jan 03 11:09am @7.2 "..." Do you actually want a war with Iran? You must be smocking covfefe.
Jan 03 10:58am @6.2.4 "..." That's one of the lamest responses I ever seen. The U.S. Constitution gives war powers to Congress regardless of any approval rating.
Jan 03 10:15am @6.2 "..." I guess you think the U.S. Constitution is worthless. I guess that's why you love The Donald.
Jan 03 10:12am @5.2 "..." Trump promised to do that in his 2016 campaign. It was just another lie.
Jan 03 10:10am @4.1 "..." Leaving the "endless wars" was just a campaign promise to Trump.  He needs a shiny new war for the 2020 campaign.
Jan 03 10:07am @3.1.1 "..." Yes, this is also another attack on Congress. 
Jan 03 10:05am @2.1.1 "..." That's true.
Jan 03 4:47am @2 Hezbollah and Hamas (Iranian proxies) may attack Israel again.
Jan 03 3:55am @1 I'm glad that murdering asshole is dead. I just hope American soldiers don't pay the price.
GOP Sen. Mike Lee RAGES at ‘Insulting’ Military Briefing on Iran Crisis: ‘Probably the Worst’ I’ve Ever Seen

GOP Sen. Mike Lee RAGES at ‘Insulting’ Military Briefing on Iran Crisis: ‘Probably the Worst’ I’ve Ever Seen

Via: JohnRussell  •  6 comments  •  2 months ago
Members of Congress were briefed today on Iran, and Senator   Mike Lee   (R- UT) wanted to make it clear to reporters afterwards that he was   pissed off . Lee erupted on what he called an “insulting and demeaning” briefing that he deemed “probably the worst briefing at least on a military issue I’ve seen.” He said the briefing was the deciding factor in him coming around to support...
Jan 08 6:57pm @1.2.2 "..." Because the briefing was bullshit followed by this ridiculous statement: "..."
Ivanka Trump disrupted the conversation about women in tech

Ivanka Trump disrupted the conversation about women in tech

Via: Tessylo  •  79 comments  •  2 months ago
Ivanka Trump disrupted the conversation about women in tech Jessica Conditt Senior Editor January 8, 2020, 7:30 AM EST Decades of CES speaker pages and Las Vegas ballroom stages have been populated by men, some years exclusively....
Jan 08 6:27pm @3.1.3 "..." They only stock orange dye in the White House.
Jan 08 4:14pm @1.1.32 "..." "..." "..."
Jan 08 12:00pm @3 "..." Well, Ivanka did plagiarize a line of shoes. So, there's that.
Two children, ages 12 and 13, shot by driver after throwing snowballs at cars

Two children, ages 12 and 13, shot by driver after throwing snowballs at cars

Via: Freefaller  •  29 comments  •  2 months ago
Two children, ages 12 and 13, were shot after throwing snowballs at passing cars in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, police said. The pair was hurling snowballs at passing cars with a group of children on Saturday evening, Milwaukee police said in a series of tweets . One of the snowballs struck a white Toyota, and the driver of the car shot at the children, police said. Police found the...
Jan 08 12:17pm @3.1.2 "..." Ice balls are deadly weapons. Snow balls are soft. "..."
Jan 08 10:34am @5.2.5 "..." Yeah, “it was no big deal" to you. Would you say that if someone shot your kids? I think you've been blinded by the right.
Jan 08 9:02am @5.2.3 "..." Did you bother to even read the fucking headline? This was the conclusion of the seed: "..." A 12 yr. old girl and a 13 yr. boy were SHOT! Once again you are trying to defend the...
Jan 08 8:39am @6 I attended a wedding in DC.  There was a blizzard. We were staying at a motel in College Park, Md. The next morning we decided to get some antifreeze (liquor). We were behind a pickup truck.  We...
Jan 08 8:20am @5.2 "..." So you're actually defending that insanity That figures.
Rep. Duncan Hunter Resigns After Pleading Guilty To Stealing Campaign Donations

Rep. Duncan Hunter Resigns After Pleading Guilty To Stealing Campaign Donations

Via: Tessylo  •  5 comments  •  2 months ago
Rep. Duncan Hunter Resigns After Pleading Guilty To Stealing Campaign Donations Sanjana Karanth January 7, 2020, 7:59 PM EST Congressman Hunter announces resignation date Rep. Duncan Hunter submitted his resignation Tuesday, about a month after the California Republican pleaded...
Jan 08 10:07am @3 "..." Gee, another lying thieving Republican Congressman? I'm fucking shocked! Hunter blamed his wife and son.  What a piece of shit.
‘Pervert’ Gorka Ripped For ‘Gross’ Joke About Greta Thunberg’s Body

‘Pervert’ Gorka Ripped For ‘Gross’ Joke About Greta Thunberg’s Body

Via: Tessylo  •  34 comments  •  2 months ago
Celebrity ‘Pervert’ Gorka Ripped For ‘Gross’ Joke About Greta Thunberg’s Body Ed Mazza January 8, 2020, 1:11 AM EST ‘Pervert’ Gorka Ripped For ‘Gross’ Joke About Greta Thunberg’s Body Sebastian Gorka , radio host and former aide to President  Donald Trump , is under fire after cracking a joke...
Jan 08 9:15am @3.2.2 "..." The Donald and his buddies are bullying a little girl. And, as usual, here you are defending the indefensible. It's a shame you thought it was a good idea.
Jan 08 9:12am @3.1.2 "..." Calling a little girl "thunder thighs" is "ridiculing the left". You are, once again, defending the indefensible. Don't you ever feel any shame for doing so?
Jan 08 7:46am @3 Trump and his rabid followers are bullying a little girl. I guess they're trying to prove how tough they are. I am unimpressed.
Defiant Trump doubles down on threat to Iran cultural sites

Defiant Trump doubles down on threat to Iran cultural sites

Via: Krishna  •  53 comments  •  2 months ago
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that "every target that we strike will be a lawful target" (AFP Photo/Johannes EISELE) Washington (AFP) - US President Donald Trump doubled down Sunday on a threat to attack Iranian cultural sites despite accusations that any such strike would amount to a war crime. After his top diplomat, Mike Pompeo, had insisted that any military...
Jan 08 9:07am @4.2.7 "..." Those bases were targeted because American soldiers are there.
Jan 06 10:22am @5.1.3 "..." That's bullshit. Please post some proof that any "American progressives and liberals to openly and repeatedly side with Iran".
Jan 05 11:46pm @4.1 "..." Trump has doubled down on his stupid threat to commit war crimes and now Pompeo is insisting "cultural" targets are fair game.  Trump is turning his stupid shit into a Holy War with his...
GOP Lawmaker In DWI Case Reportedly Blames Wife: 'You Know How Women Drive'

GOP Lawmaker In DWI Case Reportedly Blames Wife: 'You Know How Women Drive'

Via: Tessylo  •  11 comments  •  2 months ago
HuffPost Ed Mazza January 8, 2020, 4:57 AM EST GOP Lawmaker In DWI Case Reportedly Blames Wife: 'You Know How Women Drive' The top-ranking Republican in the New York State Assembly who was  arrested and accused of DWI  after crashing his state-owned SUV last week reportedly tried to blame his wife. Brian...
Jan 08 8:56am @2 "..." What a dickhead. Another lying Republican politician. Sorry, that was redundant (lying Republican).
Iraq Tells Trump GTFO After Soleimani Strike

Iraq Tells Trump GTFO After Soleimani Strike

Via: Krishna  •  85 comments  •  2 months ago
Photo: Getty Images On Sunday, just days after the U.S. strike that killed the powerful Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani, the Trump administration got its first real taste of international pushback. The Iraqi parliament voted to oust American troops from the country and Tehran announced that it would pull completely out of its obligations under the 2015 nuclear deal....
Jan 07 11:43pm @3.3.19 "..." Trump made Soleimani a Shia martyr when he killed him. When I state the obvious it does NOT "give aid and comfort to the enemy". That is YOUR ridiculous assumption.
Jan 07 11:36pm @3.3.18 "..." That's a fucking lie. I have never flagged a comment on NT and I never will. Your juvenile insult just shows everyone the type of person you are. Go ahead and call me names, tough guy....
Jan 06 3:04pm @3.3.13 "..." Thanx for the personal insult (a CoC violation). What's YOUR fucking "answer to the problem"? I just said "Trump has turned Soleimani into a fucking Shia martyr." I don't even know what...
Jan 06 1:26pm @3.3.7 "..." I just said "Trump has turned Soleimani into a fucking Shia martyr." First you tried to blame "the left" and now you're just spewing bullshit.
Jan 06 1:22pm @3.3.6 "..." So Sparty On said: "..." I pointed out: "..." Your "so so" comments don't change that.
Jan 06 1:12pm @3.3.1 "..." Trump elevated "another murderous POS to martyr status" by killing him.
Jan 06 10:39am @1.1.2 "..." We are getting kicked out of Iraq so Trump is threatening them with sanctions.
Jan 06 10:36am @3.2.2 "..." There are demonstrations in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Kashmir, etc. This demonstration is in Iraq (where anti-Iran demonstrations took place about a week ago).
Jan 05 11:47pm @1.1 When we leave Iraq, ISIS will return.
Jan 05 11:41pm @3 Before Trump droned Soleimani, many Iraqis hated that Iranian asshole.   Trump has turned Soleimani into a fucking Shia martyr. 
Trump properties could become Iranian targets

Trump properties could become Iranian targets

Via: Krishna  •  45 comments  •  2 months ago
A giant billboard advertising the Trump International Golf Club hangs at the Dubai Trade Center roundabout, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Feb. 18, 2017. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili) There’s a unique set of targets Iran is likely eyeing as it contemplates retaliation for the U.S. killing of a top Iranian general in Iraq on Jan. 2: Trump Organization properties in 11 countries...
Jan 07 10:35pm @3.1.4 "..." He promised to build a wall in Colorado. I guess he was gonna make New Mexico pay for it.
Jan 06 11:10pm @3.1.2 "..." Then there's this high tech solution to scaling a 30 foot wall - a 32 foot ladder (they also come in 40 and 50 foot sizes): In stock at Home Depot.
Jan 06 9:48pm @4.3 "..." Nobody said that (except you).
Jan 06 9:19pm @1.2 "..." Okay.  Let's say I'm on the 18th tee.  If my drive goes into the crater where the clubhouse used to be, is that a hole-in-one?
The 10 Most And Least Educated States In The U.S.

The 10 Most And Least Educated States In The U.S.

Via: Krishna  •  12 comments  •  2 months ago
We want our families to have as many advantages as we can give them, including making sure our kids have access to the best schools available. Education is an important key for success, with college graduates earning more money over a lifetime than their non-degreed counterparts and having a lower overall risk of unemployment. But according to a new study by Wallethub, when it...
Jan 06 6:23pm @3.1 "..." Can you say "racism"?
Did Donald Trump Just Start a War with Iran?

Did Donald Trump Just Start a War with Iran?

Via: Krishna  •  121 comments  •  2 months ago
Photo: Two American political leaders The U.S. drone strike that killed Major General Qasem Soleimani, one of Iran’s top military leaders, is an extremely provocative incident. It triggered  immediate vows of retaliation  from Tehran, and there is every reason to assume that the clerical government intends to fulfill those vows. Washington’s strike is the latest move in a...
Jan 05 11:29pm @4.1.10 "..." You're absolutely right!
Jan 05 1:12pm @1.2.15 "..." I doubt if a similar attack would work again. The USS Cole was damaged butt it wasn't taken out. 17 dead, 39 injured
Jan 05 11:41am @1.2.12 "..." Thank you for your service. I'm also a Navy vet. "..." And, since I'm semi-sane, I don't want another fucking war.
Jan 05 4:11am @2.1.13 "..." Because of what Moscow Mitch said the focus was about how the upcoming trial in the Senate would be a complete sham. McConnell said, ""I'm not impartial about this at all."  He also said...
Jan 05 2:31am @2.1.11 "..." Pelosi's "sitting on the articles" actually increased and extended media coverage. Where were you?
Jan 05 2:07am @2.1.9 "..." That's NOT what he said.  Why do you always try to misspeak for others? He said (comment # 2.1.5): "..." Impeachment had been dominating the news cycle.  Trump's attack is now...
Jan 05 1:55am @3.4 "..."
Jan 05 12:06am @5.1.2 "..." Who the fuck is "they". There are certainly NO Democrats who would ever celebrate "over the bodies of dead Americans". That's a dead strawman.
Jan 04 11:53pm @1.2.8 "..." As I said on another thread, we can turn Iran into a fucking ashtray, butt I'd rather not do that. We have Iran out gunned, so what? Do you want to go to war with Iran? We can defeat any...
Jan 04 6:46pm @4.1.8 "..." I challenge you to produce a single comment where democrats are hoping for or advocating a war with Iran.
Jan 04 4:33pm @4.1.4 "..." You've got to be kidding.
Jan 04 4:32pm @4.1.3 "..." That's bullshit. Let's see your fucking proof.
Jan 04 3:43pm @4.1 "..." That's total fucking bullshit. Please post proof that any Democrat is hoping for a war with Iran.
Jan 04 3:41pm @2.1.4 That meme is hilarious! So is this tweet:
Jan 04 3:38pm @1.2.2 "..." The only thing "copy&pasted" in my comment is the video clip. "..." I hope they don't become targets for Iranian missiles.
Jan 04 2:24pm @1.2 "..." Soleimani was the top military leader in Iran.  And he was considered the second most important political leader in Iran by many. The Iranians will retaliate. Two rockets have been fired...
This Robot’s Journey to an Icy Alien Moon Starts Beneath Antarctica

This Robot’s Journey to an Icy Alien Moon Starts Beneath Antarctica

Via: TᵢG  •  44 comments  •  2 months ago
A video of the Bruie rover is here .
Jan 05 12:53pm @2.1 "..." It doesn't appear to be designed to go deep. "..."


Via: Donald J. Trump fan 1  •  203 comments  •  2 months ago
Christmas is a great time of the year.  We recognize that yes, there is a God.  Yes, there is a Jesus, and that yes, angels are real.  We see ourselves as sinners needing a savior and we see Jesus through his virgin birth, sinless life, death, and resurrection as the sole source of salvation and approaching God.  Christmas and Easter are two days we can show appreciation and Thanksgiving for...
Jan 05 11:55am @3.3.71 "..." LMFAO! The quotation above is a response to something you claim, "I can’t and or don’t see them".  And then you said, "my posts here aren’t meant for you". "..." Wow!  I guess you...
Guide to Threads

Guide to Threads

By: TᵢG  •  47 comments  •  2 months ago
Thread Basics NewsTalkers uses hierarchic comments to organize long discussions.   First level comments have integer identifiers (1,2,… n).   Second level comments have two integers such as 3.4 or 12.7.   The third and final level of comments have three integers such as 3.3.1 or 12.7.5. First and second level comments define threads.   A thread is defined as the first or second level...
Jan 05 1:44am @11.2.1 "..." Thanks.  That would be great!
Jan 05 1:43am @12 The Navigator frequently skips comments I haven't seen and highlights comments that I have previously responded to. 
Jan 05 1:08am @11 The Tracker function doesn't work as well as it used to and the Navigation tool don't seem to be working very well either.
Jan 03 4:32pm @7 Sweet.
Jan 03 3:48pm @6.1.5 Now when I click "track" on the toolbar, the yellow highlight has returned.  Home Track Publish Groups Blogs Photos Members Meta Help Al Jizzerror
Jan 03 3:00pm @6.1.1 Okay, I guess since "track" isn't useful anymore, I use the navigation tool.   Where is that tool? 
Jan 03 2:32pm @3.1.4 Done.
Jan 03 2:23pm @3.1.3 Thanx!
Jan 03 1:44pm @6 When I attempt to "track" comments the last one I replied to used to be highlighted with yellow. Now there's no highlight so it's hard to keep track of where I was. 
Jan 03 1:41pm @3.1.1 "..." Okay. How?
Jan 03 1:12pm @3 I'm sorry. It was my fault. Trump Names Whistleblower had 564 comments. 5 Dead, 21 Injured in Texas had 702 comments. Butt many of those comments were just a waste of space posted by my...
Joke of the day

Joke of the day

By: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  87 comments  •  2 months ago  •  LOCKED
Jan 04 7:07pm @49
Jan 04 7:06pm @48
Jan 04 7:04pm @47
Jan 04 7:03pm @46
Jan 04 7:00pm @45
Jan 04 6:58pm @44
Jan 04 6:58pm @43
Jan 04 6:56pm @42.1.2
Jan 04 6:55pm @42.1.1
Jan 04 6:54pm @42.1
Jan 04 6:53pm @42
Jan 04 6:32pm @41 The can call off the "witch hunt".
Jan 04 6:19pm @40.1
Jan 04 6:18pm @40
Jan 04 6:14pm @39
Jan 04 6:13pm @38
Jan 04 6:08pm @2.3 "..." Okay here's Trump's butt. It stinks!
Jan 04 5:53pm @37
Jan 04 5:48pm @34
Jan 04 5:47pm @33
Jan 04 5:45pm @32
Jan 04 5:44pm @30
Jan 04 5:43pm @29.1
Jan 04 5:42pm @29
Jan 04 5:40pm @28
Jan 04 5:38pm @27
Jan 04 5:38pm @26
Jan 04 5:34pm @24
Jan 04 5:32pm @23
Jan 04 5:29pm @22
Jan 04 5:25pm @21
Jan 04 4:51pm @3.1.3
Jan 04 4:49pm @3.1.2
Jan 04 4:28pm @1.1.4 "..."
Jan 04 4:20pm @11
Jan 04 4:18pm @9.1 Classic shit.
Jan 04 4:09pm @1.2 That Siri meme was fucking hilarious. I got an Amazon Dot for Christmas.  I've been using it to play music.  You jut say, "Alexa play Stairway to Heaven (or what ever you want to hear)," I made a...
U.S. embassy urges citizens to depart Iraq immediately: statement

U.S. embassy urges citizens to depart Iraq immediately: statement

Via: Perrie Halpern R.A.  •  117 comments  •  2 months ago
Jan 03 11:39pm @1.2.14 "..."
Jan 03 4:57pm @4 Wait.... Didn't The Donald make it safer?
Baghdad Rocket Attack kills Iranian MIlitary Leaders including Gen Qassim Soleimani, reports say

Baghdad Rocket Attack kills Iranian MIlitary Leaders including Gen Qassim Soleimani, reports say

Via: Donald J. Trump fan 1  •  115 comments  •  2 months ago
All thanks to our President for being involved in and approving this attack against top Iranian terrorist leadership.  The man responsible for the killing of hundreds of Americans is now dead.  
Jan 03 10:50am @5.1.10 "..." Obama returned their money. They agreed to limit their nuclear program.  The inspectors said they were complying with the agreement that Trump shredded.  Great job!
Jan 03 10:47am @6.5.1 "..." That's a fucking lie. The Republicans conducted four Congressional investigations that cleared her.
Jan 03 10:45am @4.1.35 "..." We bombed them and killed 25 for that: "..."
Jan 03 10:32am @6.4.4 "..." Ambassador Stevens was offered a full U.S. security detail butt unfortunately, he turned it down because he wanted to use locals to establish trust. Big mistake.
Jan 03 10:28am @5.1.7 "..." They money Obama returned to Iran was their money. They sent us that money (before their revolution) to pay for military supplies (mainly aircraft) that we refused to deliver. The World...
Jan 03 10:22am @4.1.34 "..." I guess it was just another lie when Trump said: "..." "..." "..."
Jan 03 1:37am @4.1.14 "..." That's total fucking bullshit. I'm glad Baghdadi is dead. That's the best thing Trump has done in Syria. Butt abandoning our Kurdish allies was wrong.
Jan 03 1:07am @4.1.10 "..." Fuck NO! I'd like to do a happy dance on his fucking grave. I just worry about retaliation against our forces in the area.
Jan 03 12:41am @5.1 "..." The strike may encourage future Iranian attacks. We are now facing a possible war with Iran. I worry about our troops in the area.
Jan 03 12:37am @6 "..." I wonder if our personnel in the area feel safer tonight (I'm glad I'm not in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad).
Trump Names Whistleblower

Trump Names Whistleblower

By: al Jizzerror  •  565 comments  •  2 months ago
Yep.  Trump treats the whistleblower's name like classified information - he releases it. Butt, although it's unethical, outing a whistleblower is NOT a crime. Can Trump Legally Out The Whistleblower? Experts Say It Would Not Violate Any Laws November 6, 20195:00 AM ET BOBBY ALLYN In recent days, President Trump and his allies have amplified their calls for the...
Jan 03 2:34am @2.5.123 He doesn't pay off debts, he just declares bankruptcy. Maybe he's planning to default of the U.S. debt and declare victory over China since they hold so much of our debt in U.S. bonds. 
Jan 02 2:12pm @15.1.8 "..." Well, I know you laugh at the the flag that goes with the MAGA hat.
Jan 02 11:49am @15.1.6 "..." That wouldn't have been my word choice.
Jan 01 5:01pm @2.5.121 "..." It's an experiment. My frenemies are spamming the comments. I want to see how much Spam it takes to make an article explode.
Jan 01 4:43pm @2.5.119 "..." SP is extremely intelligent and well informed.  He is an important asset for NT.  We're lucky to have him here. We're lucky to have you too. 
Jan 01 4:14pm @2.5.117 "..." Sorry about that.  There are over 550 comments on this thread (and about 100lbs of Texas Spam).
Jan 01 3:53pm @2.5.115 "..." You are absolutely right. China does NOT pay the fucking tariffs, we pay the tariffs (although this is probably not believed in Texas). "..."
Jan 01 3:36pm @2.5.113 "..." Wrong.  Record revenue has offset record spending so it's not a record deficit.  Butt it is a record for deficit spending. Record deficits and record deficit spending are two different...
Jan 01 3:28pm @2.5.112 "..." Yes he did and that record for spending has been broken by Trump. "..." Revenue and spending are opposites.  Are you from Texas? When the federal budget is running a deficit (every...
Jan 01 2:33pm @2.5.109 "..." That's exactly what I've been saying throughout this thread.  Trump has't set a record for the highest deficit, butt he has set the record for the highest deficit spending. Obama's deficit...
Jan 01 1:48pm @2.5.107 "..." I am NOT a liar. Here's your tasty treat:
Jan 01 1:41pm @2.5.106 "..." I hope you don't drown in denial. Nobody said Trump set a record for the highest deficit, he set a record for the highest deficit spending. I know you won't understand, butt he is one...
Jan 01 12:29pm @17.1.3 "..." I owe you a big sloppy wet kiss (a little south of your mouth).
Jan 01 12:25pm @2.5.103 "..." Here's some Spam for you:
Jan 01 4:54am @1.1.129 "..." William Weld, Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford are supposedly running against Trump. Butt they never receive any press coverage, so I'm not even sure they're still in the race. Trump has made...
Jan 01 3:15am @1.1.127 "..." Agreed. Most of the Dems are fine with me although I think an avowed socialist would be an easy target for Trump. And I wouldn't vote for Putin's girl, Tulsi Gabbard.  She might destroy...
Jan 01 2:59am @2.5.97 "..." Here's a New Year's gift just for you (it's not Spam):
Jan 01 2:42am @1.4.35 "..." In case your repetitious comments get deleted, I thought I should copy them so people can see why I asked you about "stuttering". "..." "..."
Jan 01 2:25am @17.1 "..." Thanx for noticing that I throw a ball (NYC drops a ball).
Jan 01 2:15am @2.5.96 "..." When some repeatedly calls me a liar, refuses to acknowledge simple concepts that have been explained several times and posts the same old shit over and over and over and over and over...
Jan 01 2:07am @1.1.125 "..." Which Democratic candidates are dumb asses who don't understand the Constitution, don't give a shit about the citizens and want to destroy NATO? 
Jan 01 2:02am @1.4.34 "..." Why are you stuttering? Are you ridiculing Biden? Are you channelling Sarah Fuckabee Sanders?
Jan 01 1:55am @1.4.33 "..." Who's "they". I'm the most polite MF'er here.
Jan 01 1:09am @1.4.28 "..." There should be a port-a-let, instead of a headstone, on Scalia's grave because he was such an asshole
Jan 01 1:04am @21
Jan 01 12:28am @2.5.93 "..." She didn't say that either. Here's your New Year's snack:
Jan 01 12:23am @1.4.27 "..." Oh shit. DOMA = typical Republican doublespeak.
Jan 01 12:20am @20.1 "..." Thanx, Pat.
Possible Supernova Alert - Betelgeuse's bizarre dimming has astronomers scratching their heads

Possible Supernova Alert - Betelgeuse's bizarre dimming has astronomers scratching their heads

Via: Dignitatem Societatis  •  62 comments  •  2 months ago
Jan 03 1:41am @7.1.8 That was a reply to  Split Personality @7.1.2 . "..."
Jan 02 11:20pm @7.1.6 "..." When I was in a fighter squadron on the USS Independence.  We had a problem with aircraft engines "fodding out".  FOD is foreign object damage.  A foreign object in a jet turbine cause the...
Jan 02 7:33pm @3.1.22 Issac Asimov was born 100 years ago today. "..."
Jan 02 11:43am @5.1.1 It's probably already gone.
Jan 02 1:34am @3.1.14 "..." Yep.  Here's the weird story: "..." Religious cults can be hazardous to gullible people's health.
Jan 02 12:12am @3.1.8 "..." It was beautiful.  We set up lawn chairs and passed my binoculars around. Unfortunately, a religious cult marred the memory of that event.
Jan 01 11:14pm @3.1.1 "..." Yes.  It would be a once in a millennium event. And, yes, it would be "pretty awesome" (as long as it outside of our solar system). I probably shouldn't have posted that Betelguese gif on...
Jan 01 10:58pm @3 "..." Thanx for posting such an informative scientific seed. Yes, life will be fine and we can enjoy the extraterrestrial light show. Butt, please do NOT say "Betelgeuse" three times in a row!...
Democratic insiders: Bernie could win the nomination

Democratic insiders: Bernie could win the nomination

Via: The People's Fish  •  271 comments  •  one week ago
Suddenly, Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is being taken seriously. For months, the Vermont senator was written off by Democratic Party insiders as a candidate with a committed but narrow base who was too far left to win the primary. Elizabeth Warren had skyrocketed in the polls and seemed to be leaving him behind in the race to be progressive voters’ standard-bearer in 2020....
Jan 03 12:31am @5.1.110 "..." Trump is the traitor. The whistle blower is an American hero. "..."
Jan 03 12:00am @5.1.105 "..." At least I create NEW memes. Here one I created this year:
Jan 02 11:35pm @5.1.103 "..." You are defending the indefensible.  This was published before Trump named the whistleblower.  Now the whistle blower needs armed security. "..."
Jan 02 4:50pm @5.1.98 "..." Nice attempted deflection.
Jan 02 4:39pm @5.1.97 "..." Are you trying to deny that Trump outed the whistleblower? "..." That's hilarious.  I call the intellectually challenged Trumpsters "White-wing racist idiots".  I realize that touches a...
Jan 02 2:43pm @5.1.93 "..." TDS is a White-wing fallacy that they think is useful on sites like this.
Jan 02 1:53pm @5.1.88 "..." Really? I've seen your team captain so I'm slightly skeptical.  
Jan 02 11:40am @5.1.84 "..." Are you the spokesman for the †hε pε⊕pレε'š †hε pε⊕pレε'š ƒïšh ?
Jan 01 8:11pm @5.1.82 "..." Yes that was horrible even though we were attacked by the Japanese. Butt Trump puts children in camps (if they're brown). "..."
Airline passenger fined $17G for tossing coins into plane's engine for 'luck'

Airline passenger fined $17G for tossing coins into plane's engine for 'luck'

By: Freefaller  •  7 comments  •  2 months ago
A 28-year-old man in China has been ordered to pay the equivalent of over US$17,000 in damages to an airline after he tossed some coins into a plane’s engine for good luck last year. .Lu Chao was arrested after boarding a Lucky Air flight in Anqing, in the Anhui province, after the airline’s crew found two one-yuan coins on the ground near the plane’s engine. Lu later admitted he had...
Jan 02 11:41pm @5 I just posted this comment on another article: When I was in a fighter squadron on the USS Independence.  We had a problem with aircraft engines "fodding out".  FOD is foreign object damage.  A...
In Hope Of Gaining A Presidential Pardon, Rod Blagojevich Humiliates Himself Defending Trump

In Hope Of Gaining A Presidential Pardon, Rod Blagojevich Humiliates Himself Defending Trump

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Rod Blagojevich must be getting so tired, tired of waiting,  tired of waiting for Trump.  Still facing 5 more years behind bars and perhaps realizing that it is now or never for him in terms of gaining a presidential pardon, the former governor of Illinois wrote a ridiculous op-ed for the far right conspiracy website Newsmax, favorably comparing Trump's travails with the Democrats to a...
Jan 02 4:42pm @4.1.14 "..." That's probably how The Donald spells it. He has discussed how "smocking" hot his daughter is on talk shows.
Jan 02 4:07pm @4.1.12 "..." Her skills qualify her to be the next Ambassador to Poland.
Jan 02 3:11pm @4.1.9 "..." Ivanka starting earning her "allowance" when she was very young.  
Jan 02 2:26pm @4.1.7 "..." The meme goes with the set-up:  "He keeps getting his "girlfriends" mixed up." He once accidentally paid Ivanka $130K.  He had to get Michael Cohen to fix that.
Jan 02 1:47pm @8 "..." Trump has no "criteria" - except one.  Number one. Since Rod Blagojevich probably doesn't have any dirt on The Donald and there wouldn't be a political benefit from a pardon, poor Blago is...
Jan 02 1:40pm @4.1.5 "..." The Donald is attracted to a "type". He keeps getting his "girlfriends" mixed up.
Jan 02 12:41pm @3.2.9 "..." They are drowning in denial.
Jan 02 11:33am @4.1.2 "..." Blagojevich is tired of sucking rods so he hopes kissing ass will get him out.
Jan 02 11:24am @3.2.6 "..."
Jan 02 11:07am @4.1 That's fucking hilarious! Rod Blagojevich is a former corrupt Democratic governor who is in prison for attempting to sell a senate seat.  He decides to kiss Trumps ass in an attempt to get a...
Jan 02 10:56am @6.1 "..." Trump is very possessive about his golden showers.
Jan 02 10:53am @3.2.4 "..." They want to live in echo chambers that protect the from actual facts and only their own perspective reverberates.  Anything that differs from their views can be labelled "fake" and they...
Jan 02 3:05am @3.2.2 "..." That explains a lot.
Jan 01 10:22pm @3.1 "..." And Trump put that loser on The Apprentice. Anything for ratings, huh?
Jan 01 10:20pm @2.1.2 "..." That's an interesting way to spell the "N-word".
Jan 01 10:00pm @2 Rod Blagojevich was on Trump's (scripted) "reality" show The Apprentice. Naturally, Trump fired him. When Lincoln was elected his brand new Republican Party was the liberal party.  At that time...
Human remains found in Idaho cave identified as outlaw who died over 100 years ago

Human remains found in Idaho cave identified as outlaw who died over 100 years ago

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Jan 02 2:36pm @1.1.3 "..." Sheriff John Brown always hated me, For what, I don't know. So I guess, the sheriff shot the deputy, And he set me up, to take the fall. 
Jan 01 9:42pm @1.1.1 Yes. I shot the sheriff, butt I did not shoot the deputy. I shot the sheriff, butt I swear it was in self defense.
Jan 01 4:46pm @3.1.3 "..." I have found it risky to comment outside of my own group - SiNNERS and ButtHeads. I hate censorshit!
Jan 01 2:37pm @3.1.1 "..." Burlap bugs?
Jan 01 2:48am @1 I swear I did NOT shoot Joseph Loveless. Butt, I am the man who shot Liberty Valance.
Does anyone have a News Years Resolution?

Does anyone have a News Years Resolution?

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Hello all, Does anyone have a New Years Resolution you can share with us? Tell us what you would like to accomplish this coming year of 2020. Please, no politics, religion and behave.  Happy New Year!
Jan 01 10:33pm @1.1
Jan 01 10:30pm @11.1
Jan 01 9:49pm @11 I hereby resolve not to be so meme in 2020. Shit! That just sorta slipped out.
Tariffs contribute to job losses in American manufacturing, Fed report shows

Tariffs contribute to job losses in American manufacturing, Fed report shows

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Jan 01 5:02am @5.1.26 "..." Those loans were repaid. "..."
Jan 01 1:53am @8 "..." Trump tariffs added about $100 to washing machines (and dryers also went up because of greed).  Electronics (smart phones) cost more and solar panels cost more.  And Trumps lies about who...