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The Canyon de Chelly overflows!

By:  Bob Nelson  •  Road-trip March 2018  •  4 years ago  •  5 comments

The Canyon de Chelly overflows!

de Chelly is a photographer's delight. Here are a few more.

Strata plus erosion...

Looking D-O-W-N !!

Some ancient pueblans homesteaded high in the cliffs, and climbed up to work their fields.

This is quite low in the wall. Someone has put in stairs... but who and when???

A village on Tatouine?


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Bob Nelson
Professor Guide
1  author  Bob Nelson    4 years ago

OK, OK... I'll move along now...

Professor Silent
2  TTGA    4 years ago

Still beautiful shots Bob.  If I might offer a suggestion; the Arts and Photography Group has a regular article every week, starting on Thursdays.  Choose the one of these that you think is your best shot and put it there (as well as here, of course).  Everyone there would love it.

Release The Kraken
PhD Principal
3  Release The Kraken    4 years ago

Very beautiful pictures.....It's almost like i can smell the desert and feel the heat.

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Expert
4  Buzz of the Orient    4 years ago

More great photos.

Professor Principal
5  Kavika     4 years ago

Outstanding photos Bob.