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@badfish, 11/20/17 12:54:37PM
Welcome back homie....
@Singled Out 2, 07/30/17 06:44:17PM
@sixpick, 10/18/15 11:43:57PM
Two requests for you personally:
"Wonderful tonight", Clapton
Anything by Cream, with Bruce going bonkers

With your buddies: Allman Brothers

As you may have guessed, my taste for music fossilized in the Sixties. Well... exception for Queen, of course.

The Stones are the best rock band ever, but I don't think they're your group's model.

Thanks Bob. I see the Guestbook doesn't have the options the others do, so I copy/pasted your comment and put it here. Actually this is the first Guestbook I've been to so you got me started.

I will take a look around after I respond to your comment. I played bass to "Wonderful Tonight" many times and played it a little on the guitar. It's a wonderful song. I don't know why but I was thinking of "Tears in Heaven" which I've played on guitar and bass. I'd have to practice it to relearn it again. I picked my guitar up a few minutes ago and I have most of it down roughly. Even if I get the guitar down, the singing has always been my biggest obstacle.

I don't know if I actually have anything played by "Cream" I've played with anyone that is worth listening to and have played a number of songs by the Allman Brothers, but most were never recorded or recorded in such a way live and I'm sure would be more of an embarrassment to me rather than a pleasure for anyone to hear.

So off to check your place out. If you don't hear from me for days at times, it is because I'm occupied and have little time to spend on this site. I get so far behind on necessary things I need to do if I'm not careful.
@A. Macarthur, 10/12/15 09:27:16PM
Glad you're on Board, Bob.