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Gallian novels: Information and Maps

By Bob Nelson, 2018-01-01
Gallian novels: Information and Maps
For anything concerning these novels ( Amazon sales , questions or comments about the stories, red-pencil corrections, audiobook editions, whatever...) please contact me by Private Note . Link to: Watho: A Novel of Gal ... by Bob Nelson - Episode 1 Link to: The Mansit Blade: A Novel of Gal ... by Bob Nelson - Episode 1 Information Galdiff Eastern Lithia Central Lithia Western Lithia
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How Low Can Unemployment Really Go? Economists Have No Idea
It’s an uncertainty that has huge economic consequences. The new Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, testifying on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Erin Schaff for The New York Times For the last few months, there has been cacaphony in the econonoblogosphere concerning wages and, and as a result, inflation. There is a hint of a beginning of a glimmer of wage increases... so of course some economists are screaming "inflation!!". At the same time, the indices of inflation are answering, "NO!!" Perhaps some economists are taking positions for partisan political reasons (oh!! unthinkable!) or... as this article says, we really don't know... Here are two things most economists can agree upon: They want an economy where everyone who seeks a job can get one. Yet for the economy...
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