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Day Three, Monument Valley

By:  Bob Nelson  •  Road-trip March 2018  •  4 years ago  •  6 comments

Day Three, Monument Valley

THE scenery for "Big Sky western" movies. One overlook is named for John Ford.










Our great little Buick Encore (with the help of a topbox almost as big as the car)
carried four adults in quiet comfort for two weeks.
I've encrusted the front plate (which is not mandatory in Arizona-.
Anyone who tells us all what it is wins... more photos tomorrow!


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Bob Nelson
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1  author  Bob Nelson    4 years ago

The weather was worse than iffy, which is a pity. We even got snow flurries.

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1.1  Kavika   replied to  Bob Nelson @1    4 years ago

Wonderful photos of one of the magical places on earth. 

As far as the licsense plates goes....Since it's not required in AZ and you live in France part of the year, it's a French liscense plate. 

Buzz of the Orient
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1.1.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Kavika @1.1    4 years ago

In keeping with that theme, I just made French Toast for my family's breakfast this morning. (Should I have said "Freedom Toast"? LOL)  I had posted my recipe for it on the '5 Ingredients or Less' group if anyone is interested.

Buzz of the Orient
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2  Buzz of the Orient    4 years ago

Bob "Ansel Adams" Nelson.

Release The Kraken
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4  Release The Kraken    4 years ago

Excellent Bobby!

Bob Nelson
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5  author  Bob Nelson    4 years ago

My wife is from the region of Brittany ( Bretagne in French), and more precisely the département du Morbihan .

A département is a political unit. There are one hundred of them, so they're smaller than a state but bigger than a county. There are now thirteen régions in Europe, and five overseas. Régions are similar in size to US states.

Morbihan means "little sea" in Breton, a Celtic language related to Welsh/Gaelic. Mor is the sea, bihan is small. The Gulf of Morbihan is an almost enclosed ocean inlet with many islands, one of the best sailing venues you'll find.