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Day Three, Cloudy Skies

By:  Bob Nelson  •  Road-trip March 2018  •  5 years ago  •  7 comments

Day Three, Cloudy Skies

I like "complicated" skies: turbulent clouds, spears of sunlight, and all that. Sometimes, though, there's just grey skies, and one must do what one can... confused

All of these photos have been reworked. I use paint.net, a free app that's got all the tools I understand. GIMP has more tools, but it's a hassle... and Photoshop is expensive! I've paid attention to the sky, sometimes more than to the landscape. Some of these photos are closer to surrealist blobs of form and color, than to realistic landscapes.

Monument Valley lends itself to surrealism...












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Bob Nelson
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1  author  Bob Nelson    5 years ago

... and believe it or not... I trash more photos than I keep.

I shoot a lot!  Party

Buzz of the Orient
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2  Buzz of the Orient    5 years ago

I shoot MORE!  crazy

Good photos, and enhancing editing.  I use PhotoScape which is a free site, has MANY options, and a variety of framing options - a good frame always make a photo look better.  As well, I can create vintage photos from current ones, and turn my photos into many abstract compositions, besides just making them look better.

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3  Kavika     5 years ago

The beauty of solitude...Outstanding photos.

pat wilson
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4  pat wilson    5 years ago

Butte ifull !

Bob Nelson
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4.1  author  Bob Nelson  replied to  pat wilson @4    5 years ago

That's shameful, Pat!

Perrie Halpern R.A.
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6  Perrie Halpern R.A.    5 years ago

Amazing photos.. I have never seen so much of Monument Valley's landscape before. Beauty in the austere.