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What's Going to Happen to Trump?

Voting has Ended

So let's see how everyone feels about what's going to happen now that he's been impeached a second time.  You can vote only once, so click on the little circle next to your choice (not what you WANT, but what you think will happen) and then click on the word "VOTE" under the list in order to register your vote.  As you probably know already, nobody, and that includes me, knows who is voting - you are absolutely anonymous in an NT poll. 

(I will not cast the first vote)

He will resign and Pence will pardon him
He will resign and Pence will not pardon him
He will be convicted by the Senate
He will not be convicted by the Senate
He will commit suicide.


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Raven Wing
Professor Expert
1  Raven Wing    last year

The repubs will not vote to convict him. While there may be one or two who would, most are too afraid for their own skin, and there could be some boogy man hiding around the corner...or under their bed, ya know. The only thing that makes them sound brave is their mouth. Not their spine.

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Principal
1.1  Buzz of the Orient  replied to  Raven Wing @1    last year

Interesting, isn't it, that the Republicans fear the monsters they helped their dear leader to create.