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A New Poll Because the Quiz is Different

Now that you have had some experience with quizzes that have single visual clues I would like to know if you like doing them, or prefer to go back to the two visual clues method.  

The poll is entirely confidential, even I don't know who casts the votes.  

To vote, click the circle to the left of the statements you agree with, and then click the "VOTE" link located below the circles.

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Should the Quizzes Be Easier, Harder or The Same as Now

This is a poll for and is limited to only the members to whom I send notifications about new quizzes and results of the ones just closed.  Keep in mind that the quizzes are supposed to be fun to do.

Lately the quizzes have been pretty easy, but the movies have in most cases been ones you might not have seen.  In order to compensate for that I have been preparing quizzes with clues that either the images virtually shout the titles at you, or else they are from information in the mini-synopsis for each movie on the lists by IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes for which I provide links. 

The question I would like to have you answer for me by means of this poll is should I make the quiz more challenging, i.e. a little more difficult, or should I make it even easier than it is now, or should I just continue doing it the way I've recently been doing it?  Please vote for one of the three choices below by clicking on the little circle to the left of your choice, and then click the spot for "VOTE" below the row of circles. 

Your vote is entirely confidential - even I, posting the poll, can not determine who has voted.  However if you wish to discuss the choices or make suggestions there is a comment wall below.  But please don't post a comment that could be a hint for the current open quiz, in which case we could discuss it privately using PNs.

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Which of These Four Was the Greatest Movie Actor

Which of These Four Was the Greatest Movie Actor

While trying to sleep last night I started to think about famous movie actors, and so I thought I'd ask others who they thought from among these four who was the greatest.  I don't mean who was your favourite actor, because you may like an actor for various reasons, but that does not necessarily mean that he was the greatest.  I know who I think among these four who was the greatest, and he was not my favourite although my favourite is also one of the four, but I'd like to get a picture of how others feel.  Discussion about our opinions can happen in the Comment Wall below, where I will explain my choice when the voting closes.  To vote, you can click only one of the little circles to the left of the names, and then you need to click the "VOTE" link below the choices.  The system keeps the names of the voters entirely confidential, and even I who posted this do not know who voted.   

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Am I right?

For my movie quizzes, am I right to require adherence to my rule about not posting in a comment any movie or actor names whether or not they appear as quiz questions or on any lists or elsewhere or any other kind of hint, and enforcing it by deleting such comments?  This poll is available only to those who are on my quiz notification list.  Be assured that nobody knows who casts a ballot, not even me - the system makes it absolutely confidential.  To vote, choose your answer by clicking on the little circle to the left of the choices, and then click on the word "vote" under the list.

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Poll - Prediction of November Midterm Elections Results

Now that it's less than 4 months away, and the articles/seeds/comments on NT vary greatly concerning what the results of the November midterm elections might be, let's see what the NT members predict.

To vote, click the little circle to the left of your choice and then click the "Vote" box at the bottom of the options.  Vote for only one choice.

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What is the LAST thing you would give up?

The attitude of some people I've noticed has prompted my to make this enquiry.  Remember that to vote, you can only vote for one option, and you do so by clicking on the little circle to the left of your choice, and then click on the "VOTE" link at the bottom. 

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