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How Old Are NT Users? - A Poll

Recently I saw a comment that NT users were mostly very old, making this site unattractive for younger members to join.  I believe that was just an opinion, but then I was curious - what is the age distribution on this site?  Please complete this poll so we can have a definitive answer about the ages of NT users.  You are not giving up much privacy because the request is not for a specific age, but within a range of ages.

Voting has Ended

What Do You Call This Season - Autumn or Fall? (Poll)

What Do You Call This Season - Autumn or Fall?  (Poll)


I think you will have to click a link on the upper right of this article that says "Open for Voting" to open the poll for your vote.

In England, most people would say Autumn, and in the USA most people might say "Fall".  I'm constantly confused about which word to use, because I'm from a country in the middle that borrows from both British English and American English.  After you have answered the question, read this article:

Why Does Autumn Have Two Names?