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@Kathleen, 10/08/18 08:23:50AM


Thanks Buzz, Sometimes you gotta do it! : )
@Tessylo, 10/04/18 09:06:06AM


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@FLYNAVY1, 07/25/18 03:03:13AM


Hey Buzz,

I've been working on a project between Shanghai and Suzhou since February. It's been three weeks in China, one week home, with this last trip being four straight week. Mostly it's been a seven day a week engineering effort since I've been here, with not much time to play, but I've done my best to take advantage when I could.

I've not posted on Newstalkers in the last three or so years, but I see the conversations (trench warfare is more like it) and the characters haven't changed much in that time.

I hope you and your family are well. Best regards as always.

@Eat The Press Do Not Read It, 12/25/17 10:51:57PM


It's quite now, the house is silent. The grandchildren sleep, the relatives long gone, dishes done, wrapping paper cleaned up, the laughter, the tears, all wiped cleaned as we lean toward a New Year!
So, how dysfunctional was your Christmas?
@Nowhere Man, 09/26/17 09:38:57PM


Last time I just "Tagged" your guestbook.

thought I had better make it permanent.

I'm happy that you are the good friend you are.

And am Honored to call you my friend....
@Sichuan, 03/31/16 11:57:43AM


I finally found your guestbook. I look forward to meeting you and your wife in either Chengdu or Chongqing.

C. B.
Charles Mullen
@A. Macarthur, 10/24/15 09:01:38AM


Signing in!
@sixpick, 10/12/15 12:55:57AM


How many times are you on here? Now I know why they call you Buzz. LOL