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What do you anticipate to be the Chauvin jury verdict?

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What do you anticipate to be the Chauvin jury verdict?

I personally cannot believe that if even a full jury of 12 plus two alternates are seated, that those jurors have not been at least somewhat tainted or have not already had a feeling or estimate of the guilt or innocence of the accused taking into account the surfeit of news, protests, the massive financial settlement, and world-wide publicity and attitude concerning the event.  Hopefully the jurors who will be seated will have the ability to set aside all previous influencing factors and restrict their judgment to the facts presented at the trial and their estimation of the honesty of the witnesses.

Chauvin is charged with Second Degree Homicide, Third Degree Homicide and Second Degree Manslaughter.

In this poll I am seeking the personal opinions of the Newstalkers members as to what they predict will be the jury verdict, not what any outcome from appeals might be.  

To vote, chose one of the options by clicking on the little circle to the left of your choice of result, and then click on the "vote" link at the bottom of the choices.  The polls on this site are entirely confidential - your identity is not revealed when you vote. 

Guilty of Second Degree HOmicide
Guilty of Third Degree Homicide
Guilty of Second Degree Manslaughter
Hung Jury - No Decision
Innocent On All Counts


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Professor Silent
1  SteevieGee    2 years ago

I hate to see it but I think he'll be found innocent.  If he's found guilty he'll get 2 years or less home detention.