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Which of These Four Was the Greatest Movie Actor

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Which of These Four Was the Greatest Movie Actor

While trying to sleep last night I started to think about famous movie actors, and so I thought I'd ask others who they thought from among these four who was the greatest.  I don't mean who was your favourite actor, because you may like an actor for various reasons, but that does not necessarily mean that he was the greatest.  I know who I think among these four who was the greatest, and he was not my favourite although my favourite is also one of the four, but I'd like to get a picture of how others feel.  Discussion about our opinions can happen in the Comment Wall below, where I will explain my choice when the voting closes.  To vote, you can click only one of the little circles to the left of the names, and then you need to click the "VOTE" link below the choices.  The system keeps the names of the voters entirely confidential, and even I who posted this do not know who voted.   

Charlie Chaplin
Paul Muni
Laurence Olivier
Orson Welles


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This wasn't worth the time I spent doing it, charger.  The Front Page notice article got wiped away so fast most members didn't even see it, so this was a waste of time.  However, I can at least tell you my feelings about the topic.  My favourite actor of all time is Paul Muni - seeing him act in The Life of Emile Zola, The Good Earth and Scarface (the original version) where he virtually BECOMES the character he is playing made me respect his talent.  However, Charlie Chaplin was the only actor to get a 12 minute standing ovation by his peers, the acting community, when he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Oscars - no other person ever got even CLOSE to such an ovation ever, so I felt he was the greatest. 

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Bump this one too!