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The Loony Bin - A New Daily News Blog For Newstalkers - #1

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The Loony Bin - A New Daily News Blog For Newstalkers - #1

The LjrSmiley_88_smiley_image.gif jrSmiley_88_smiley_image.gif ny Bin is a daily, so to speak, collection of news items and opinions.


Friday, Jan 18, 2019

Stephen Colbert jokes that Trump has announced to the Taliban that Nancy Pelosi is on the way

I see some people asking why she was going to Afghanistan in the first place. Hmmm, could it be because she recently became 3rd in the line of succession to the presidency and the single individual in the new Congress with the greatest effect on potential future funding for Afghanistan operations by the US military? 

It's also humorous to see those "patriots" who weren't upset at all that their president* didn't want to visit US troops in the middle east and has never been to Afghanistan, now rather feebly trying to dog Pelosi.

It takes all kinds I guess.


A Canadian Buddhist who won over $670,000 at a poker tournament has vowed to donate his entire winnings to charity . Scott Wellenbach, 67, from Halifax, Novia Scotia, finished third at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event in the Bahamas. Wellenbach, who works as a Buddhist translator, came away with a grand total of $671,240, but has promised to give it all away following a pact with the “poker gods.” He told CBC, "The deal that I have with them has been an excellent one and I will do nothing to change it. I might start losing."

Wellenbach says he asks "the poker gods" to make him win large sums of money, some of which he then pledges internally to donate to charity. Untold millions of people "bargain with God" all the time for a myriad of reasons , hoping for material considerations from the almighty, or relief from disease or other problems. If Wellenbach has unlocked the key to success with such supplications, he should write a book! Instant billion copy seller.


Vice President Mike Pence defended second lady Karen Pence’s decision to take a teaching job at a school that discriminates against LGBTQ individuals and families, suggesting that the uproar over it is an attack on Christianity.

During an interview with the Catholicism-focused Eternal World Television Network on Thursday, Pence said that the attacks on the Immanuel Christian School, which bans LGBTQ employees, students and families, were offensive to his family.

“To see major news organizations attacking Christian education is deeply offensive to us,” Pence said.

“We’ll let the critics roll off our backs,” the vice president continued. “But this criticism of Christian education should stop.”

For some truly strange reason, there are people, mostly evangelicals, who are under the delusion that Pence could or should serve as president of the United States. Beyond the fact that he has served for over two years as a toady to the worst president in US history, he has all this fundamentalist bible thumping political baggage. In a couple years most Americans will have happily forgot Pence ever existed. 


Weird (but true) News - aka the loony bin

Melania Trump Jets To Mar-a-Lago On Military Plane After POTUS Grounds Pelosi



News item - Donald Trump is the first president in the history of Gallup to have never had a positive approval rating from the public at any point during his first two years in office.

Trump : 'I had the most successful first two years of any president'.

He even lies to himself .


Why Is the IRS Auditing the Poor More Than the Rich?


Jerome Corsi Likens Being Questioned by Mueller’s Team to Christ’s Interrogation by Pontius Pilate

Last week, ardent right-wing conspiracy theorist and prominent birther  Jerome Corsi appeared on “The Eric Metaxas Show,” where he compared his interrogation at the hands of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s legal team to Jesus Christ’s interrogation by Pontius Pilate. Despite the fact that Corsi has long been an unapologetic conspiracy theorist who once suggested that the late Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia was “involved in pedophilia,” Metaxas heaped praise upon Corsi and treated him as if he was a legitimate journalist who was being unjustly persecuted because of his principled commitment to uncovering the truth about the “deep state.” At one point, Metaxas even likened Corsi to anti-Nazi dissident Dietrich Bonhoeffer, about whom Metaxas wrote a biography in 2009.


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Why the "dolly" photo of trmp?

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Don't you think he's cute?

As for why? , I don't know. It was there.

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where's that puking emoji!

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3  Bob Nelson    5 years ago

You Can Visit This Australian Island, but Only if You Pledge to Skip the Wombat Selfie

The marsupials on Maria Island are so docile, tourism officials are asking the public to stop getting so close
"I take this pledge to respect and protect the furred and feathered residents of Maria. I will remember you are wild and pledge to keep you this way.

I promise I will respectfully enjoy the wonders of your beautiful island home, from the wharf, to the Painted Cliffs, to the Rocky bluffs, haunted bays and mystery of Maria's ruins.

Wombats, when you trundle past me I pledge I will not chase you with my selfie stick, or get too close to your babies. I will not surround you, or try and pick you up. I will make sure I don't leave rubbish or food from my morning tea. I pledge to let you stay wild.

I vow to explore with a sense of responsibility, adventure and kindness. I will leave your wild island as I found it, and take home memories filled with beauty and my soul filled up with wonder.”

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
3.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  Bob Nelson @3    5 years ago

Aren't wombats vicious little beasts? Who would want to get close to them for a selfie?

Bob Nelson
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Trout Giggles
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I thought all the beasties from Australia were mean. Well, except for koalas

Professor Principal
3.1.3  Kavika   replied to  Trout Giggles @3.1.2    5 years ago

Wombats are not mean at all, funny cirtters. I have some photos from the Taronga Zoo in Syndey of a baby wombat that fell in love with the shoelaces on my sneakers and would run up to me where ever I went and start pulling at the laces. 

I was a member of the zoo and had access to the ''back lot'' where injured animals/birds were kept to rehabilitate them and where the new born were kept. It was quite the experience.

There is a  saying in Australia, ''dumb as a wombat''...Actually they are not dumb at all.


Trout Giggles
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I stand corrected.

Professor Principal
3.1.5  Kavika   replied to  Trout Giggles @3.1.4    5 years ago

Actually very few of the critters in OZ are dangerous except when you get into the snake family. If I remember correctly OZ has 6 of the 10 deadliest snakes in the world...Oh, almost forgot the saltwater crocodile, they are man eaters. 

Most of the furries are gentle critters and not dangerous to anyone. Well don't piss of a Kangaroo they can get a bit aggressive.

This is one of my favorite critters, the Ekidna. Kinda like a porcupine. 


And the worlds smallest Kangaroo, the quoqqa.


Professor Principal
3.1.6  Ender  replied to  Kavika @3.1.5    5 years ago

The quoqqa is cute.

The duck billed platypus is poisonous. The blue ringed octopus.

Bob Nelson
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Bob Nelson
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512 How is this not everyone's favorite pet?

Professor Principal
3.1.9  Kavika   replied to  Bob Nelson @3.1.8    5 years ago

They should be but sadly they are highly endangered. With the introduction of dingo's and fox have killed off most of them and the only place they are left are on Rotnest island off coast of Perth.

Professor Principal
3.1.10  Ender  replied to  Bob Nelson @3.1.8    5 years ago

I love them. They are adorable.

Professor Principal
3.1.11  Ender  replied to  Kavika @3.1.9    5 years ago

That is sad.

No dingos on the island.

They look so happy.

Professor Principal
3.1.12  Kavika   replied to  Ender @3.1.11    5 years ago

They are highly protected on Rotnest Island. The only vehicles allowed on the island are a few tour buses and every person is expected to be very protective of the little critters and the ''Park Rangers'' make sure that you are. There are no permanent settlements on the island except for some of the rangers. 

The introduction of dingo's, rabbits and fox has destroyed much of the indigenous animals in Australia. The same has happened in New Zealand. Most of the indigenous bird live is either extinct or close to it.


Trout Giggles
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3.1.13  Trout Giggles  replied to  Kavika @3.1.12    5 years ago

Where did the dingo's come from? I thought they were indigenous to Australia?

Bob Nelson
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3.1.14  Bob Nelson  replied to  Trout Giggles @3.1.13    5 years ago

Wikipedia :

The dingo's habitat covers most of Australia, but they are completely absent in the southwest, a strip on the eastern coast, and an area on the southwest coast (see map). [21] Dingos prey on mammals up to the size of the large red kangaroo , in addition to birds, reptiles, fish, crabs, frogs, insects, and seeds. [21] [22] [23] The dingo's competitors include the native quoll , the introduced European red fox and the feral cat. [23] A dingo pack usually consists of a mated pair, their offspring from the current year, and sometimes offspring from the previous year. [24]

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Laughter is a great cure, and great before rest; Colbert fits the bill perfectly.


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I don't care who says what.  This is the image of a guy with a really small twig and even smaller berries.

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You're the coolest nun ever! jrSmiley_13_smiley_image.gif

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This is the image of a guy with a really small twig and even smaller berries.


Professor Quiet
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Why is that guy cleaning out the Trumps ear?  Trump doesn't listen anyway.

Filled up the birdfeeder---------my cat nailed another sparrow.  Should I call it cat feeder?