John Russell

Did Donald Trump Try To Steal The 2020 Presidential Election ?

Voting has Ended

The allegation -  Trump wanted Mike Pence to make a ruling on Jan 6 that would leave out of the electoral count 7 states that Trump claimed were "in dispute" and thus without the electoral votes of those 7 states going to Biden , Trump would then be declared the winner of the election. 

Yes, Trump tried to steal the election
No , Trump did not try to steal the election
Don't know/no opinion


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Professor Expert
4  Tacos!    9 months ago

I’m disappointed that “Duh” was not an option.

PhD Principal
3  Nerm_L    9 months ago

No, Trump did not try to steal the election.  If Trump was trying to steal the election then why would he bother with election recounts, audits, and court challenges?

Trump was only using party politics the way the political system has been designed to be used.  Trump didn't create that political system.

Professor Quiet
2  cjcold    9 months ago

Trump and his sycophants are still trying to steal the election.

al Jizzerror
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2.1  al Jizzerror  replied to  cjcold @2    9 months ago


Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom
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1  Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom    9 months ago

He did more than try to 'steal' the election, John.  He tried to steal the entire country.  If he were to run again, the campaign alone will tear this country further apart.  I don't even want to think about what he'll do to this country if he wins.  

al Jizzerror
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1.1  al Jizzerror  replied to  Sister Mary Agnes Ample Bottom @1    9 months ago