Road Trip Spring 2018 - 2 - Days of ’76 Museum, Deadwood SD



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Road Trip Spring 2018 - 2 - Days of ’76 Museum, Deadwood SD

I love "Old Tech". There's nothing cooler to my mind than a 1905 motorcycle with automatic intake valves and belt drive... unless it's a honking huge steam engine with foundry curlicues everywhere.

So I like "old car museums", and will settle for an "old horse-drawn" museum, if there's nothing better. I wasn't expecting much from the Days of ’76 Museum , in Deadwood SD. O-o-o-o-p-s !!


The fun thing about this museum is the "working" wagons. I'm a city boy. All I know about horse-drawn wagons is what I see in movies, and that's mainly carriages. But of course there had to be wagons for carrying "stuff", too. And the Days of ’76 Museum's collection includes a bunch of them, from general transport, like this one, to specialized rigs we'll see later...

The photos are all a bit fuzzy, after going through the process of reducing their size to something that will upload in a reasonable time. The originals are fairly clean, should anyone want one.

DSC05089.jpg An "omnibus"...

DSC05090.jpg A heavy-weight rig.

DSC05091.jpg An even-heavier-weight rig. Those wheel spokes!

DSC05092.jpg A stalwart of all those cowboy-herding-cattle movies.

DSC05094.jpg A buggy seems downright frail.

DSC05095.jpg The milkman cometh...

DSC05096.jpg I suppose that lots of products were transported in barrels.

DSC05097.jpg UPS??

DSC05098.jpg Old tech! I love it!

DSC05099.jpg And of course... I must occasionally try to do a "fun shapes and colors" photo. The subject is secondary.

DSC05100.jpg Looking down into a loadbed.

DSC05101.jpg It's a dump truck!

DSC05102.jpg Some modern truckers still go nuts on decoration.

DSC05104.jpg Well... of course!

DSC05103.jpg The last ride...


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Bob Nelson
Professor Guide
1  author  Bob Nelson    4 years ago

We've come to see that sometimes it's the "little" museums that are the most fun.

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
2  Trout Giggles    4 years ago

I forget that they had as many different wagons back then as we do motor driven vehicles.

Bob Nelson
Professor Guide
2.1  author  Bob Nelson  replied to  Trout Giggles @2    4 years ago

Yes. It's kinda face-palm: "Well... duh!! Of course they had different kinds of wagons for different needs!"

But hey! All we see in the movies is buggies and buckboards. It's Hollywood's fault if we don't know nothin'!

Trout Giggles
Professor Principal
2.1.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  Bob Nelson @2.1    4 years ago

I like the contrast between the big rigs and the sports model.

Masters Quiet
3  Enoch    4 years ago

Dear Brother Bob Nelson: Deadwood makes the best lumbar. 

Another winner.

Please keep these travelogs coming.

If you get a chance, go to Sturges, SD.


Professor Principal
4  Kavika     4 years ago

Great photos and ya gotta love the wagons, all of them.

Galen Marvin Ross
Sophomore Guide
5  Galen Marvin Ross    4 years ago

Well, if I aren't mistaken, that there big rig that's all green, was used to move people west, it was the early version of the U-Haul, except ya had ta buy it back then. I also seem to remember them in the TV series "Wagon Train" I think it was the last time they were on film. They needed something that big to haul all their things from their old homes.

Galen Marvin Ross
Sophomore Guide
5.1  Galen Marvin Ross  replied to  Galen Marvin Ross @5    4 years ago

Love those old work wagons, like the milk wagon and, the postal wagon, I can do without the hearse though.

Junior Participates
6  dave-2693993    4 years ago

Great photos Bob.

Thank you.

Split Personality
Professor Principal
7  Split Personality    4 years ago

Interesting to see the evolution of suspension systems, metal leaf springs facing up, down and each other.

Bob Nelson
Professor Guide
7.1  author  Bob Nelson  replied to  Split Personality @7    4 years ago

That’s why old motorcycles are fun. They have all sorts of cool dead-end tech. They had neither the high-strength materials nor the precision machining that modern constructors have...

... but the machines functioned!

Buzz of the Orient
Professor Principal
10  Buzz of the Orient    one month ago

If it's a mystery as to why this 4 year old article found its way to the Home (Front) Page, it's because a spammer posted a couple of comments on it along with a link to his business.  It's a trick that's been used by spammers before, and the reason his comments are gone is because I deleted them (along with a blog he posted) by deleting his NT profile/membership.  It's my NT job. 


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