Eat The Press - Do Not Read It!
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@T.Fargo, 04/09/18 10:44:35AM
Good to see your unique sense of humor and article / satire is still out here on the web.
@Kathleen, 12/31/17 09:04:55AM
I had a crowd over for dinner... It went very well, but I am glad it's over. lol We played games too.
Thank you for asking : )
@mocowgirl, 12/26/17 02:26:13PM
I celebrated Christmas with family on Friday so Christmas day was just a typical day at home in cold weather. We watched the new episode of "Brokenwood Mysteries" on Acorn TV. Then I watched a few episodes about an English boarding school and then one episode of a documentary about the transition from hunter/gatherers to farmers on Amazon.
@CB , 12/26/17 01:45:38AM
All the plates, pots, and pans in the house have been shuttered all day! It was a quiet "grinch" day today and I loved it. I barely got out my robes!! Whoopee! Glad you celebrated all the same. Your 'note' sounded peaceful and satisfied. I love that!!!
@Buzz of the Orient, 12/25/17 11:00:44PM
In response to your note in my guestbook asking how dysfunctional my Christmas was. There are no celebrations or holidays attached to Christmas where I am. Here it is merely a copy of western commercialization. It's just another normal day. I did a photo essay on it posted a little while ago if you're interested:
@Jerry Verlinger, 11/28/17 10:39:55PM
"I am beginning to suspect that you are the only person that love me."

Everybody loves you Pidgeon.

I haven't been around lately. Health, money, Bullshitting on NewsTalkers, housekeeping (I live alone), watching TV ..... hold on ...... "What Sarah"? ... "Ok, right, I don't live alone, I live with Sarah", (pain in the ass dog), and doing nothing, have kept me busy so far this century. Btw,, Newsvine is closed, but you probably already know that. Been through Ohio a couple of times, never got a blowjob there either. Thanks for the comment. I'll stay in touch.
@Eat The Press Do Not Read It, 11/19/17 11:22:30AM
Why I support Judge Roy Moore for Senate. I am retarded!