We the People

We the People

For those who still believe in the Constitution and American Sovereignty.

We here believe in the principles and protections provided in that great document. It is also our goal to allow all points of view - especially in these times when freedom of speech is under attack. “Though liberals do a great deal of talking about hearing other points of view, it sometimes shocks them to learn that there are other points of view"...William F Buckley.

(Effective yesterday, The New York Times began capitalizing the word “Black” when describing people and cultures of African origin. “We believe this style best conveys elements of shared history and identity, and reflects our goal to be respectful of all the people and communities we cover,”  Dean Baquet, the executive editor, and Phil Corbett, another senior editor, wrote in a memo .

Therefore out of respect to all groups the word that describes them will be capitalized here, such as Native American or White. None are a literal description of skin color. Some may argue that it is a form of newspeak.)

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Group Awards & Journalistic achievements

Fielding Chase Award - Kenneth Vogel (Investigative Journalism)  (Source material on the Ukraine)

Bradley Prize              - Kimberley Strassel (The Potomac Watch)  (Source material on the "impeachment inquiry/investigation)

WTP Award                 

- Lee Smith (Author of "The Plot Against The President" ) Center Street Books
- Marc Thiessen ( "Democrats exhibit one of the most shameful displays of partisanship in history" /opinion) The Washington Post


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Jackboots in America: Dawn of the Democratic Reich

Jackboots in America: Dawn of the Democratic Reich

Via: MAGA  •  27 Comments  •  19 hours ago
Devangelical last wrote: bummer
Analyzing consequences of election fraud as censorship

Analyzing consequences of election fraud as censorship

Via: MAGA  •  96 Comments  •  yesterday
Texan1211 last wrote: "..." Perfectly fine for some.
As Fascists Go, Trump Is Not One of Them

As Fascists Go, Trump Is Not One of Them

Via: MAGA  •  9 Comments  •  2 days ago
Trump 2024 last wrote: True enough.  Too bad the SPLC often spreads that kind of ⋅around.  


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