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Buzz of the Orient

Damned Tough Movie Quiz

link Last Reply By @Buzz of the Orient yesterday
    This is the last time I will post a really tough movie...
Buzz of the Orient

Casablanca - What's Your Favourite Scene in the Movie?

link Last Reply By @dave-2693993 one week ago
    This was the final scene and as I interpret it in that...
Nowhere Man

The Great Escape 1963

link Last Reply By @Trout Giggles 2 weeks ago
    I just watched this movie last night
Buzz of the Orient

Unbelievably Easy Movie Quiz for Beginners

link Last Reply By @Thomas Craig 2 weeks ago
    Personally, Walter Koenig's best role was as Alfred...

Have You Seen Ladybird?

link Last Reply By @Nowhere Man 2 weeks ago
     I watched it, and it reminds me of some of my coming of...
Buzz of the Orient

10 Unusual Movies Quiz

link Last Reply By @Buzz of the Orient 3 weeks ago
     LOL.  As I expected.  Only Nowhere Man answered all the...
Buzz of the Orient

Greatest Film Soundtracks of All Time

link Last Reply By @sandy-2021492 3 weeks ago
     So, both places, then. Some friends of mine are headed...


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