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The Latin words homo sapiens translate as thinking person . If "thinking" means "sub-vocalize whatever flits across the mind", the term is accurate.


On the other hand... if "thinking" means "collect pertinent data, analyze that data, formulate theory"... lots of people never think... which does not prevent them from being loving parents, well-intentioned neighbors, effective employees,  ... These people learn, from early childhood, to "do as others do". This strategy can produce a healthy, happy, and productive life without ever thinking ... There is no obligation for anyone to think. That's a good thing because...

Thinking is hard!

Thinking is so hard that the very smartest people do not leave it to chance. Airline pilots have check-lists because they know that they cannot count on their memories. Scientists have codified the scientific method, to keep their "thinking" on track.

If thinking is hard, then "thoughtful conversation' is hard, too. It includes;
   - presenting previous "thought" (collect-analyze-formulate)
   - explaining why that previous thought is correct - or incorrect

The Beacon is a place for thoughtful conversations.

Like airline pilots, we need a method... a check-list...

512 Stay on topic.

Ordinary, everyday conversation is pretty much free form: "One thing leads to another!" There is nothing more natural than to let one's mind drift from one idea to the next. But... we cannot seriously examine a topic if we leave it.

Staying on topic requires effort:
Read the article... carefully.
   Skimming won't do.
   Find the OA's intent.
Reply to the OA
    or to a previous Comment.
Cite the words to which you are Replying.

Citing avoids going "just a bit" astray... over and over... until the conversation has nothing to do with the Original Article.

The CoC applies to The Beacon :

Interpersonal Codes (essentially: 'be polite')

1. No direct or indirect derogatory references to other members
2. No taunting or bullying
3. Be civil

Content Codes (essentially: ‘thoughtful, relevant contribution’)

4. Stay on topic per the article
5. No dishonest, unethical or illegal content
6. No repugnant or harmful content

In The Beacon, "be polite" is interpreted as "do not insult anything ", in particular another Member's ideas. We ( homo sapiens ) identify intimately with our ideas - insulting our ideas is the same thing as insulting our person. If you do not agree with a post, then quote it and present your argument.

 - Contribute! Agree or disagree... that's not a problem, as long as you supply your thinking .
 - Do not perturb.
 - Ask for clarification: "Do you mean..." rather than putting words in others' mouths.
 - Ask questions rather than insulting others' ideas: "Does that mean that you don't think a woman is as competent as a man, in a leadership role?" rather than "That's misogynist!". My ideas are me; when you insult my ideas, you insult me. That makes me mad, and everything goes south.
 - A nasty meme reflects on the person who posts it. Do not post nasty memes.
 - Name-calling is childish.
 - Help yourself to stay on-topic by constantly returning to the article to make citations from it.


If you have a suggestion, make a Comment below - we'll discuss it. Inside the Group.

If you are unhappy with a Moderator's decision, make a Comment below - we'll discuss it. Inside the Group.

(For the moment, "Moderators" is just me... but who knows for the future...).


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