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What do you anticipate to be the Chauvin jury verdict?

What do you anticipate to be the Chauvin jury verdict?

I personally cannot believe that if even a full jury of 12 plus two alternates are seated, that those jurors have not been at least somewhat tainted or have not already had a feeling or estimate of the guilt or innocence of the accused taking into account the surfeit of news, protests, the massive financial settlement, and world-wide publicity and attitude concerning the event.  Hopefully the jurors who will be seated will have the ability to set aside all previous influencing factors and restrict their judgment to the facts presented at the trial and their estimation of the honesty of the witnesses.

Chauvin is charged with Second Degree Homicide, Third Degree Homicide and Second Degree Manslaughter.

In this poll I am seeking the personal opinions of the Newstalkers members as to what they predict will be the jury verdict, not what any outcome from appeals might be.  

To vote, chose one of the options by clicking on the little circle to the left of your choice of result, and then click on the "vote" link at the bottom of the choices.  The polls on this site are entirely confidential - your identity is not revealed when you vote. 

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What's Going to Happen to Trump?

So let's see how everyone feels about what's going to happen now that he's been impeached a second time.  You can vote only once, so click on the little circle next to your choice (not what you WANT, but what you think will happen) and then click on the word "VOTE" under the list in order to register your vote.  As you probably know already, nobody, and that includes me, knows who is voting - you are absolutely anonymous in an NT poll. 

(I will not cast the first vote)

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How do you feel about effective guidelines to beat the virus

There are many attitudes about what could or should or must be done to contain the virus in order to regain as much of a normal a life that would be safe.  The wishes of thenewstalkers' members could be considered a microcosm of American feelings about that, since the vast majority of NT members are Americans.  Please indicate what YOUR attitude is, by voting.  Mailed-in ballots are not acceptable, as they would take much too long to be delivered, and then counted.  Contrary to Trump's wish, the system permits voting only once.  Which of the four choices do you agree with?  Just click the little circle to the left of your choice, and then click the "vote" link below the circles.

TOTAL LOCKDOWN would still permit one occupant per residence to shop for necessities such as food and pharmaceuticals or walk their dogs, provided that person wears a mask, is careful with social distancing and washes carefully with proper disinfectant on return.

PARTIAL LOCKDOWN would allow everyone to go out, provided they wore masks and practised social distancing, but still careful to wash with proper disinfectant on return home.  Stays away from crowds

CAREFUL CITIZEN practises their normal activities and need not wear a mask but will when near other people, and will then be careful with social distancing and proper washing on return home.  Stays away from crowds.

INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS FREEDOM ADVOCATE do not change or restrict their usual activities, refuse to wear a mask or social distance. and will mingle with others whether or not they are wearing masks, and will attend crowded events. 

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Americans seem to want to display only the parts of its history that it can be proud of, and hide that for which it is ashamed.  Now that statues are being torn down all over the USA, and a State is even considering changing its name, it's time for the "White" House to become seen and known around the world not as representative of only a portion of the American population but to include the many races in the melting pot of the country.  At one time the "White" House was at least partially black, when the Brits and Canadians burned it down in 1812, so there is some historical justification for a change to a historical truth.  What would be YOUR choice to truly display the "White" House as being representative of all the people in America?  

Your vote is entirely confidential - the NT system does not identify the voters.  To vote, you can only choose one, and you do so by clicking the little circle to the left of your choice, and then you must click the word "VOTE" below the circles.  The results will be posted from time to time. 

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If not Trump or Biden, who would you prefer?

A poll:  If not Trump or Biden, who would you prefer?

Since about half of American voters would not vote for Trump, and about another half would not vote for Biden, who among these do you think would make a better POTUS than either of them?

Your vote is confidential, even I who posted this poll can not determine who votes.  You can comment below if you wish.  To vote, you must click on one of the little circles to the left of the names, and then click on the word "VOTE" below them.

Results will be posted from time to time on the ad for this poll posted on the Front Page.   

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There has been a debate going on these days about moderation on the Metrified group.  Much discussion has been made about whether the moderation on NT is either too strict or too lenient, with the result of either causing membership in NT to increase, decrease, be attractive to new members, or turn them off.  

Because I am the site's spam police, and my duty is to review what every new member signing on posts, and to watch them for a while, to make sure they are not spammers, and if I see that they are spammers then to delete their membership, I get to see the fact that most new applicants for membership watch for a short time what is being posted on the site, and in most cases, unfortunately, they disappear never to be seen again. Because spammers know that during Western Hemisphere sleeping hours they might be able to post their spam (advertising, etc.) and get away with it for a while, that's when they mostly choose to post, and that is when I am awake and usually on my computer so I get to see it almost instantly and able to delete it.   

So I am concerned about why so many who sign up are never heard from again.  Depending on the wishes of the new member, either they want to be on a site that is civil, or they want to troll and insult and cause chaos.  If they see nasty comments, unnecessary filth, insults, stupidity on the site, they may think this is the place tor them and they will get involved and increase the chaos and the pressure on the moderators.  Is that what you want?   Is that why you're here?  If it were a civil site, then civil members are more apt to join in.  And I've made it pretty clear that that is what I would prefer to see. 

So this poll is for the purpose of indicating the feelings of the members here, how many would prefer stricter moderation to clean up the garbage, or else more lenient moderation to allow for more of it.  You might also feel that the moderation is okay just the way it is.   Please vote so we can all see how you feel.

To vote, just click on the little circle to the left of your choice - and vote only on ONE choice.  Then click on the word "VOTE" that is under the three circles.  Your vote is anonymous.

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