Embracing Blue

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Embracing Blue



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Paula Bartholomew
1  Paula Bartholomew    9 months ago

Can you center the text please?

1.1  author  Neetu2  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @1    9 months ago

I have no idea how to format this image correctly in the space, Paula!!!

Paula Bartholomew
1.1.1  Paula Bartholomew  replied to  Neetu2 @1.1    9 months ago

You managed nicely.  Lovely poem.

1.1.2  author  Neetu2  replied to  Paula Bartholomew @1.1.1    9 months ago

Thank you, Paula. With help from Perrie, of course. :)

3  author  Neetu2    9 months ago

Now does it show up?

Trout Giggles
3.1  Trout Giggles  replied to  Neetu2 @3    9 months ago

Yes, and it's a lovely poem. Good to see you again, Neetu!

3.1.1  author  Neetu2  replied to  Trout Giggles @3.1    9 months ago

Great to see you too, Trout! thank you!

Perrie Halpern R.A.
3.2  Perrie Halpern R.A.  replied to  Neetu2 @3    9 months ago

I fixed it 

Very moving poem, Neetu. Hope you don't feel that way. 

Nice to see you, too! :)

3.2.1  author  Neetu2  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @3.2    9 months ago

Thank you, Perrie. 

3.2.2  author  Neetu2  replied to  Perrie Halpern R.A. @3.2    9 months ago

Thanks for fixing it, Perrie.

Old School Marine
4  Old School Marine    9 months ago

Very nice piece of work.

Well done!

4.1  author  Neetu2  replied to  Old School Marine @4    9 months ago

Thank you, Old School Marine.

5  CB    9 months ago

Neetu, this is our first meeting. Can you tell me, us, the story behind this poem?

I read your other article today and it left me with several questions I did not "investigate" further there. One question you'd answered here simply by offering us this poem! (Thank you.)

5.1  author  Neetu2  replied to  CB @5    9 months ago

Pleased to meet you, Calbab. I haven't come around here in quite a long time and was feeling a bit guilty so posted this, my most recent poem written just two days ago. I keep out of politics, but share my poetry and travel photos. Which other article did you read,  may I ask?

As for a story behind the poem, it isn't so much the story, much more the mood, the reflections and moments, sometimes my own, other times, my observations of others that form my poems. I express through poetry things I cannot express any other way. This poem is about moments of helplessness, of surrender to inevitability. It doesn't mean the moment lasts too long, but however brief, it becomes intense and needs expression. 

Thank you for reading my poem and your curiosity. 

5.1.1  CB  replied to  Neetu2 @5.1    9 months ago

Author/Poet Interview of Neetu. In order to keep both articles free of entanglement, I will post a question there about the interview. It was my pleasure to read your poem. Sometimes, I feel like I have something to write in poetry fashion, so much to speak to, but empty of suitable words. Tell me this, is there any subject matter which is poetry taboo? 

For example, I am not sad nearly now. I am navigating many personal eddies of getting older. Sometimes, I look back at a moment-a set of missed opportunities and forward to the unknowns of wrinkled skin. Expression.

5.1.2  author  Neetu2  replied to  CB @5.1.1    9 months ago

I would be happy to help you unlock the poetry, if I can, Calbab. There are no subjects that are taboo in art. Poetry is one too. 

5.1.3  CB  replied to  Neetu2 @5.1.2    9 months ago

Very well said, and said well indeed. I have requested to 'follow' you around just now. I won't come in too close, nevertheless. (Smile.)

5.1.4  author  Neetu2  replied to  CB @5.1.3    9 months ago

Haha, following me might take you down a rabbit hole but oh well!

5.1.5  CB  replied to  Neetu2 @5.1.4    9 months ago

Here is a little something I've done (explored) that's coming from my inner core. This really happened to me. I attempted to merge the words to a popular song. If you have time, . . . check it out. Share with me. (I waited so as not to be consuming of your time and mind.)


5.1.6  author  Neetu2  replied to  CB @5.1.5    9 months ago

Oh, I know that song! Used to love it when I heard it all that time ago. One of my George Michael faves. 

Now I can see you have attempted to draw out your own words from the words of the song, Calbab. It is a good emotion you are expressing but what is happening is that it has the qualities of prose, not poetry, unlike the song. 

BUT, here is the good thing. You can turn it into a poem. Let me work on it a little and I will get back when it looks and sounds rhythmic and poetic. The words, repeats, line breaks, and flow - all those will turn it into a poem. :)

5.1.7  CB  replied to  Neetu2 @5.1.6    9 months ago

I felt that about it. But, did not know exactly what was wrong. "Prose" —Now I get it—a little.
How incredible kind of you. I am grateful that you will take the time, to help me. (Beyond me to express my feelings right now.)

You can contact me via email (Calbab@yahoo.com) or https://thenewstalkers.com/note/new (Recipient: Calbab) or post it here!

I will revise my blog with the new poem, credit given to my friend Neetu2!!!!!!

5.1.8  author  Neetu2  replied to  CB @5.1.7    9 months ago

No problem, Calbab. I love poetry and helping someone find their poetic voice is always a pleasure. 

Will take me a little time. I need to concentrate and that only happens when I don't have a multitude of things to do. But I will send you an email with my version of your words.

5.1.9  CB  replied to  Neetu2 @5.1.8    9 months ago

Thank you. Emphatically.

5.1.10  author  Neetu2  replied to  CB @5.1.7    9 months ago

I sent you a private note with the poem. To be honest, it came out as a lyrical poem. Maybe because you had based your prose on a song!

Buzz of the Orient
6  Buzz of the Orient    9 months ago

Lovely, profound, and I fear, introspective.

Because of the time differential, I miss so many intelligent and worthwhile articles that are pushed off the front page within very few hours by the CONSTANT battles of left vs right, Trump criticism and religious vs atheistic fanaticism.  There should be two front pages, one for those battles, and another for everything else.

6.1  author  Neetu2  replied to  Buzz of the Orient @6    9 months ago

Thank you, Buzz. Yes, I know what goes on in political circles so my posts don't last long. But you haven't missed any yet!

6.1.1  TTGA  replied to  Neetu2 @6.1    9 months ago
I know what goes on in political circles so my posts don't last long.

Post them as blogs dear, then they stay on the FP longer.  Very well done poem; a bit dark, but great poets always put their emotions into their work.  Perhaps one based on some of the pictures Mac has of his summer visit to the National Parks out west.  Sunlight mixed with ancient rock formations gives a person a sense of the timelessness of the world.

6.1.2  author  Neetu2  replied to  TTGA @6.1.1    9 months ago

Thanks, Ttga, for your thoughtful comment. Maybe I will do that too.

7  sixpick    9 months ago

Neetu, you are so talented which is proven by your peers appreciation of your poems.  It appears to me you are able to close the doors where the noise is coming from and feel your innermost emotions in a way that allows you to turn those emotions into words.  Very, very nice.

7.1  author  Neetu2  replied to  sixpick @7    9 months ago

Thanks, Six. I can't always close the noise but when I do, it helps. 

A. Macarthur
8  A. Macarthur    9 months ago

Always happy to see your poetry, Neetu.

8.1  author  Neetu2  replied to  A. Macarthur @8    9 months ago

Thank you, Mac. 


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