Welcome Newbies

By:  @perrie-halpern, 3 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @john-galt-1147, 2 days ago

Hi Everyone, Well, last 3 day have caught me by surprise and I wasn't quite prepared for the sudden influx of Newsviners. First I would like to say that I am sorry for the loss of your home. I know for many, it is not just the loss of your home, but you are all concerned for the relationships you have made there. I know this, because I have been there myself, so I truly get it.  That being said, I wanted to provide a place where you could ask questions, and talk among yourselves and... 

Friend requests and email

By:  @squirrel, 5 days ago
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Latest By:  @squirrel, 3 days ago

    I have noticed something about this site.   I noticed when I would like to send a private message (internal email) I can't unless it is to an existing moderator or a person who has sent me a friend request.  For anyone else I cannot get their email address to come up on a new mail 'address block', and I can't even reply to those who send me an email if they are not my friend or there is not a current friend request pending.   I hope that makes sense as far... 

Use this as to track commentry : On:  08/13/17 06:01:17PM

By:  @eagle-averro, one week ago
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Latest By:  @eagle-averro, one week ago

Use this as to track commentry : On:  08/13/17 06:01:17PM For a while I have been asking for an enumeration to assist in knowing on what previous comment one is responding to, I Just realized, that that is available " In Plain sight "and that is the time date stamp , its is unique to each answer, and non repeatable.  I will try adding that to any reply and hope that will mitigate misunderstanding as to " who the hell are YOU saying that to " :  

I’ve got some questions about our purposes…

By:  @malamuteman, 2 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @ryarios, one week ago

I’ve got some questions about our purposes… With the news that the Vine is shutting down, there seems to be a big influx of Viners at Newstalkers these days. I started on the Vine 9 years ago, and here on NT several years ago. All of us who have participated in these forums have seen plenty of rancor. Those experiences have given me plenty of occasion to wonder what it is that brings people to these forums… I have no doubt there are many different attractions and motives. Out of... 

Closing Chat Windows on NT?

By:  @krishna, one week ago
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Latest By:  @krishna, one week ago

For several days now, whenever I logon to this site, two windows from past chats open up-- and stay open. When I close them-- they immediately popup again. (I realize that Mercury is Retrograde-- but this is ridiculous)  

Functionality That I miss From Newsvine

By:  @citizen-kane-473667, 4 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @community, 2 weeks ago

Maybe I just don't know my way around well enough, or maybe these items do not exist here.  Maybe you all can fill in the gaps for me: Convo Tracker without being inundated with emails. How do I know if someone has replied to a discussion or made a new Comment without having my email Inbox spammed?  Is there a function similar to the NV Convo Tracker, and if so, where is it? Auto Save when composing an article.  Is this a function here, and if so, how do I find what I was working on... 

How To Post An Article Or Seed On Newstalkers Main Forum

By:  @johnrussell, 3 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @lebowsky, 2 weeks ago

It occurs to me that some people may not know how to do this (If someone else has explained it to the new members I apologize)    1. click on 'forums' at the top of the page 2. On that page, click on the 'topics' tab.   3. Decide what topic you want to post your article or seed under and click on that topic ( for example , 'Entertainment'). That topic will open up and you will see a tab at the far right of the tabs that reads "add a discussion". Click on that. 4. From there... 

Need or Want a New Avatar? Here are some to use!

By:  @dowser, 3 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @community, 2 weeks ago

A while back, I put together a bunch of avatars for use by NT members, (I just typed NK, as a typo-- no, not North Korean avatars.)  Sometimes, I hate my fingers. I will include instructions on downloading and installing a new avatar on another article.  Right now, I just want to get these in front of you, for your selection. IF there is one you want to use, make a comment with the number of the avatar that you wish to use.  I will attach the .jpg file in a reply to your comment.... 
Regulation of online anonymity is also very likely to cause collateral damage. It’s tempting to assume that eliminating anonymity will reduce harassment. Our experience is different: we see a great need for strong protections for online anonymity, so that those being harassed, as well as for those facing domestic violence, human rights abuses, and other consequences for speaking out, can nonetheless do so with less fear of exposure. (Link to original discussion) (Link to article)  

Is it ok to use multiple accounts on this site?

By:  @oldcrankyman, 3 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @community, 3 weeks ago

I read the CoC, and didn't see a cut and dried ban on multiple accounts.  Is it permitted?  

For New NT Members - How to Resize Pictures in Comment Windows

By:  @raven-wing, 3 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @raven-wing, 3 weeks ago

I have noticed that some folks have a problem with their pictures/memes/images fitting properly within the comment windows. Some are too far off to the right of the window and often cuts off part of the image. I have found a way to adjust the images to fit within the parameters of the comment window very quickly and easily. The steps below should work most of the time. And if not, let me know and I'll help you figure out now to adjust them. 1. Click on the icon next to the smiley face... 

Helpful Hints to our new members!

By:  @dowser, 4 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @john-galt-1147, 3 weeks ago

So, Newsvine has pulled the rug out from under you, and you're looking for a place to land and feel at home!  Thank you for coming to NewsTalkers and giving it a chance!  All of you are welcome!   I know that many of you feel shell-shocked-- worried that you will lose the close, personal relationships you've developed over the years, lost and at sea in a different system, with new rules and functionalities.  First and foremost:  Don't worry!  You can do many of the same things here that... 

I'm Stalking You!!!

By:  @citizen-kane-473667, 3 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @citizen-kane-473667, 3 weeks ago

That's right, I'm following you! Or at least I'm trying to, lol!  I'm sending out Friend's request to all my old Newsvine buddies as I come across them in the Forums here.  At some point, I will man up and print out my Member's lists from my old Nation's on the Vine and send invites to them as well. I will also at some point start some Groups, although I'm not sure yet what I will be calling them.  Something Centrist for the Political side I'm sure, since I tend to dislike both sides... 

How to Track an Article

By:  @dowser, 3 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @community, 3 weeks ago

Article tracking is fairly easy here!  It sounds complicated at first, but it really isn't.   You have two choices-- have your notifications sent to you via Private Notes, (in-site email), or try to "catch" them on the Newest Comments tab.  The best way is to have them sent to you via Private Notes . 1.  Set up your notifications Go to your page, by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner. Once there, you will have a gear icon for settings, click on the settings... 

Suggestion For New Members

By:  @johnrussell, 4 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @community, 3 weeks ago

Click on the "Forums" tab at the top with the white on black type. The first tab reads "Topics". It shows the overall Topic areas. If you click on one of the topics it will show you the articles seeded within that topic. The second tab reads  "Newest Discussions" This array shows the last 25 articles seeded by time. The third tab reads  "Newest Comments"  It shows the last 25 comments that were made on any article on the main forum. The next tab takes you to your most recent... 

A Most Hearty and Sincere Welcome to All

By:  @buzz-of-the-orient, 4 weeks ago
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Latest By:  @community, 4 weeks ago

A Most Hearty and Sincere Welcome to All This article was first posted on the Newsvine Refugees group a few years back when the Newsvine system was changed, not to the liking of many of its members, and many of them emigrated to here.  It is being posted again as it is as relevant now as it was back then. A most hearty and sincere welcome to all NV refugees and other new members. Many of you have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous Comcast and taken arms... 

Phishing! Meta Warning! POSSIBLE MALWARE ALERT!

By:  @randy, 2 months ago
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Latest By:  @randy, 2 months ago

I wish we had the old spot on the front page to alert people like when we could talk about the weather and such and warn each other about crap, but I just wanted to warn every one that I got phished today from someone going by the name of Eillen Labrador and to watch out for her attachment. I did not open it but it says it is an invoice for a purchase. In my case it says it is an invoice (in the body of the email it has an invoice number) for an online purchase from some place called... 

A Visitor to "Newest Discussions" ... ... by Bob Nelson

By:  @bob-nelson, 2 months ago
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Latest By:  @xxjefferson51, 2 months ago

Let's pretend we aren't veterals of NT's eternal flamewar. We're a random visitor... Hmmm... "NewsTalkers"... yeah, that capital "T" in the middle is useful!     There's some stuff on the Front Page, but no indication of how it's selected. Let's dig a little deeper... Eureka! There's something called "Newest Discussions". This must be a representative sample of what I'd find if I became a regular visitor. Let's see what we've got: Uh-oh... It starts off with a wacko... 

Reminder Of The Rules

By:  @community, 4 months ago
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Latest By:  @community, 2 months ago

In the last few weeks there have been a couple of issues that need to be addressed.  First item, taking care of your seeds and articles. I know you all have lives, and I don't expect anyone to be on their seeds articles 24/7, but I do expect them to check in on them during the course of a day, and correct bad behavior, or off topic comments, and if need be flag them so that I can deal with them. Any article left alone, without proper care will be closed. If an author can't attend to an... 

New Flagging Function

By:  @community, 5 months ago
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Latest By:  @gunny, 4 months ago

I would like to tell you about our new flagging function here on NT. It should make reporting a violation easier. If you see an article or comment that you think is a CoC violation, you just click on the icon and the full comment and link will be sent to all the mods. Please keep a couple of things in mind when reporting: CoC violations are attacks on members and other violations spelled out in the CoC and NOT comments that you don't like. Reporting comments that are not violations,... 

On the utility of Red Rules ... ... by Bob Nelson

By:  @bob-nelson, 5 months ago
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Latest By:  @jwc2blue, 5 months ago

Since returning from vacation, I've posted a dozen or so seeds and articles, some with Red Rules, some without. Only two have drawn much reaction. (That's OK. I post what I find interesting. Others may disagree...) One of the two that got reaction was under Red Rules; the other was not: Hey, Conservatives... You WON! (no RR) started out well, but gradually degraded Meals On Wheels  (with RR) got twice as much reaction, and remained of pretty high quality right to... 

Policy Change Regarding Off Topic Comments

By:  @community, 6 months ago
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Latest By:  @deepwaterdon, 5 months ago

Please be advised: This is notification of a change in policy about "Off Topic" comments. If an author feels that a comment is off topic they may get a mod to evaluate it. If it is a post is clearly off topic or a  continuous exchange of posts between two or more members, which goes off topic and/or are personal attacks resulting in the disruption of the article, the comment will be removed. As of late, too many of our article's discussions are being derail, and this quick response is... 

About the Trump Twitter Feed

By:  @community, 7 months ago
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Latest By:  @clinton-2020, 6 months ago

I posted the the Trump feed because I felt is was relevant news. This is the first president to be, that has decided to communicate with the citizens of this country through twitter. I know that this is not the traditional way to communicate, but it is the modern way. He is obviously doing two things; by passing the media and reaching out to a younger demographics.  But since I have posted it, I have had some objections.  I am not going to put words into anyone's mouth, but I would... 

Moderate and balanced: open or not?

By:  @xxjefferson51, 7 months ago
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Latest By:  @community, 7 months ago

That's the question. I joined it and read some of the topics and comments from a number of liberal and conservative members. I seeded a 2 part article I found on Real Clear Politics from the center left German publication Der Speigel. It was a very reasonable article. This evening I returned found the group size reduced by one, my articles gone and membership stripped away. It now as an "open" group says membership pending. What happened? How can a group be open if it isn't joinable by... 

META : Front Page Paralysis

By:  @johnrussell, 7 months ago
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Latest By:  @gunny, 7 months ago

Note :  I will close this article for comments at an undetermined hour, most likely soon or relatively soon.    A "meta" article disputing group 'fairness' has 70 comments this morning.  Meanwhile 5 articles have been seeded to the main forum today  (besides the meta). Those five articles have a grand total of 6 comments between them.  How The Democrats’ Coddling Of SJWs And Political Correctness LOST Them The Election Category:   News & Politics... 
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